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Jesus Christ, what a retard. Hey, hey, hey, I said cut it out! You’re being very rude. ‘Cause I’m, like, trying to have a conversation here. – I don’t want to have a conversation with you. – No? – Or anyone like you. – Oh, what am I like? Hey, hey! Again, you’re pushing me. And what the hell’s your problem, anyway? You like being pushed? – You like that? – Get your hands off me! Quit it! (SPANKING) Whoo! Ooh, you liked that, didn’t you? Maybe you need a good spanking. You guys, please, just leave me alone. Oh, well, being that you asked so nice, no. Jane, you okay? Yeah, Robert, I’m fine. Let’s just go. No, no, no. I don’t remember telling you you could go anywhere. Come on, guys. And I don’t remember saying anything to you, Tank. From how I’m looking at it, this is none of your business. Anyone here think this is any of Tank’s business? – I don’t. – Mmm-mmm. – Nope. – Guess it’s unanimous. So, get the out of here. Me and Little Red Riding Hood are kind of on a little date. Just leave her alone. What’d you say? I couldn’t hear. What’d you say? I said leave her alone. Or what? What are you gonna do? Just leave. Are you gonna punch me? Huh? Yeah? You gonna kick me? Slap me to teach me a lesson, huh? You big dummy. Robert! Oh, what was he? Your knight in shining armor? Beep, beep. Yeah! Hey, Tank, what do you say me and Little Red Riding Hood give you a lesson in adult education? This is all an act, isn’t it? The more they struggle, that means they want you to be their man. – Show ’em who’s boss. – you! Jesus Christ, what language. Get the off me. – Robert. – Billy, get him off! Robert! Jesus, you okay? (GASPING) Yeah, I’m fine. Come on. It’s all right. Let’s go, I’ll drive. You didn’t do anything wrong. Robert, if it weren’t for you . But you don’t understand. When I had him up against the car, it didn’t have anything to do with you. It didn’t even really have anything to do with him. I just lost control. It was like I was strangling everything that ever wronged me since I was born. – I could’ve killed him.

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