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Say, what do these sets sell for? $ Installed. Hmm. I guess I’ll wait until they come down some. Yeah. That’s the trouble with business. Everybody is waiting. I’ve got a television set delivery for a Dr Frank Addison. Rose Street. What’s your name? John Pattiz. That’s with a double T. Where were you born, Mr Pattiz? New York. The Bronx. I will see if we have a pass and a file for you. I’m congressman Davenport. The manager is expecting me. Yes, sir. May I see your identification, sir? Sign this, please. Return that pass when you’re leaving. Sure thing. Thanks. I’m Commander Rice. Have you some identification with you, Commander? Certainly. Hi! Oh, hi. Lunch, Tommy. In a minute, Mom. This is the newest new model, isn’t it? Yep. What are these two wires? One very near to the condenser. Those are uh Let’s see. They look like soldered connections. Ha? Oh yeah, sure. That’s the latest thing. Don’t handle them, Doc. The kick up a lot of voltage. Between and thousand volts. If they’re connected. That’s enough to kill a man twice over. No, sir. , volts won’t kill you. It will just knock you against the wall or some place. Who says so? My father. Well is your father an electrician? No sir. A physicist. Nuclear physics. Ah, sure. Hey. He’s one of them bomb-makers? That’s classified information. Nobody is allowed to give classified information. Tommy. The gentleman will excuse you while you have your lunch. I won’t have time to help you. I’m going to the Fiesta with my teacher. My son doesn’t care about anything today except the Santa Fe Fiesta prizes. Yeah, I know. My boss ad to donate one of them. He’s giving one of those $. portable radios. A two-wheeled bike is the best prize. Come on, Tommy. I’ve got three chances to win something. Boy! I hope it’s the bike. Hey, Doc. If you don’t win the bike, just build one of your own. That’s a swell idea. Chew your food, Tommy. I am. How much do bicycle parts cost? You’d better ask Dad. He’ll know. Mom. Hmm? If I grow up, do you know what I’m going to do? It’s when you grow up dear, not if. I’m going to build bicycles. Millions and millions of them. Finish up. Peggy will let herself in. My mother says to wait and see if your television set works before we buy one. After my father and I look it over it will work fine. Do you know what, Peggy? If I grow up I’m going to build bicycles. Millions and millions and millions of two-wheelers. Maybe I’ll even build a few for girls. Hey, what was that? Just a routine morning test. Routine? What a way to live. Bye, Mom. Don’t forget your jacket. Now remember Tommy, only one cotton candy, and nothing else. Promise? I promise. Routine? Hey, Doc. Was that some of that nuclear Nuclear whatchamacallit? Nuclear physics? Yeah. No. That’s classified information. Yeah. Hi, kids. Hi. Hi, Russ. Well, how’s the future newspaperman? Oh, I’ve given it up. I’m going to be a manufacturer. He says he’s going to build bikes. Millions and millions of two-wheelers. For boys. Hey, that sounds big. Now there is your teacher. Hello Miss Haskell. Hi, Ellen. Hello Russ.

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