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Er, aggressively masturbate in a sock. AUDIENCE LAUGHS Swear. ALL LAUGH AUDIENCE APPLAUDS KEITH LAUGHS Clean windows. Everybody, I’m cleaning the windows. Clap. “‘Make my mum.’ AUDIENCE LAUGHS Make what? BUZZER “Oh! Piano. Piano. Ed. Saxophone. ” SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY “Scratch your back. ALL LAUGH LAUGHS AUDIENCE LAUGHS ALL LAUGH Dracula! Dracula! KEITH LAUGHS BUZZER ALL LAUGH And then you went Putting your make-up on. Yes. ” SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ” SPEAKS INDISTINCTLY ALL LAUGH Turn the alarm off. Stroke someone. ALL LAUGH Do Origami. “NADIA: Oh. ALL LAUGH Fingerblast. Put your jeans on. Put your jeans on. LAUGHS Fearne? Play the piano. BUZZER That means that Ed’s team is the winner! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS APPLAUSE DROWNS OUT SPEECH The scores at the end of that round are sha-ting! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS We’re gonna go off to an ad break, so I’ll see you in three. See you in a bit! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Coming up after the break Oh, no! COUGHS LAUGHTER AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS HURRAH! AUDIENCE CHEERS YES! Ed? Have you ever seen an elderly person with dentures and they have a bit of food stuck in their teeth? I always tell someone if they’ve got something in their teeth. Then let’s play All right! Hi. Here I am in one of the bedrooms at Shady Pines, which is one of Elstree’s premier old-people’s homes. The pensioners there, have been very kind to us and given us their dentures. I want to shout a big out to all those old people there who are so nice. Erm, so, what’s gonna happen is I’m gonna give some dentures to our panellists. All they have to do is stick them in their mouth and give me the ID of their last meal. It’s so simple. AUDIENCE GROANS It’s so Real nice ! First up to play is Louis Walsh! Oh, ! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS FEARNE: Oh, you can get it, Louis. Look at the joy in his face. You all right? Do you want me to get a blanket for you? ALL LAUGH I won’t get sick. Nice. It’s nice, that. Oh. Just in case you spill anything on you, there you go.

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