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all the plates. Make sure that none of them are dirty, please. I don’t want anybody coming here and eating on a dirty plate. They pick up a napkin, .you pick up a napkin. .and then you have dirt under here like this. This one. See? Dirty plate. Make sure they’re all clean. INVESTIGATOR: What was your job title. .at Bernard L. Madoff Investment Securities? Chief compliance officer. I never had any financial interest in the firm. Bernie made it clear that there was no prospect for partnership. d Boom, ba-doh d d ba-doo, ba-doodle-ay d d Oh, life could be d d a dream d d If I could take you d d up in paradise up above d d If you would tell me. d Eleanor. So who’s the more handsome brother, him or me? All right, we’ve all heard this one, Casanova. Come on. In my opinion? Be honest. Peter’s way more attractive. Oh. So you’ve got a thing for barrel-chested bald men with big stomachs? Screw you! (ELEANOR LAUGHS) In fact, Bernie, .when I first met Peter, I said to myself, “My God, this man looks just like Lee Majors.” Handsome. Thank you, Eleanor. Yeah, that was years ago. Back then, even you were attractive, Eleanor. Stuff it, Bernie. You know you got a thing for me. Do not lie. You’re right, I do. Come here. You know I love you. (BOTH LAUGHING) I gotta make the rounds. Peter, do not let him get to you, that one. I’m used to it, believe me. d Sh-boom, sh-boom d d Ya, da, da, da d d da, da, da, da, da, da d d Sh-boom, sh-boom d d Ya, da, da, da d d da, da, da, da, da, da d d Sh-boom d d Sh-boom, sh-boom. d The you looking at? Annette, you have a heart attack, I’m not giving you mouth-to-mouth. d Ya, da, da, da d d da, da, da, da, da, da. d Just so we’re clear. d Ya, da, da, da, da, da d d da, da, da, da, sh-boom. d Behind you is not the place to be. Your accounts at Madoff Securities. .had a total of approximately $ million. Is that correct? Yeah, that’s correct. Did it strike you as absurd. .that someone with just a high school education. .should have that kind of money? No! I was very, very lucky. Kind of like winning the lottery? Kind of like winning the lottery. Did it occur to you. .because you had this great account. .and it was worth so much, .there must be something fraudulent there? No. I never thought of the word fraudulent. (MUSIC PLAYING) In my experience, .and I mean this, there’s only four different types of pussy. Okay? I’m dead serious. You got your.let me show you. I just saw one. All right, right there. See there? That’s your Honda Civic pussy. Gets you where you wanna go. No shame in this pussy at all. Reliable. You just, you know, .you’re not gonna be proud to be seen. .riding around town in it, am I right? Nothing against her. What’s going on? It’s the world according to Frankie over here. FRANK: Right there. You see that there? That’s your Buick Regal pussy. Okay, a step up from the Honda. Uh, generally they’re cleaner, okay? Roomier, you fit more passengers in there. I guess there’s pros and cons to that in a pussy. You know, lovely pussy. Nobody’s gonna mistake it for a Benz, though. Am I right? Am I right, Robert?

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