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I was just Radio i was just, um Radio francesca, come here. What is he doing? Can he do me? Does he have the juice? No way, mr. Clark. Clarence, report to my office. Mr. Clark, i was just fooling around. Got you. How do you learn the alphabet ? be on time come on, sams! You can do it. Radio he’s on time j-o-e c-l-a Radio don’t give up! Fall in together, going “how do you like the weather?” Going “how do you learn the alphabet?” Be on time school bell ring at a quarter to : that’s it, sams! Stay with it, boy! Radio be on time “how do you learn the alphabet?” be on time how do you spell eastside , eastside high? How do you spell joe clark? He’s on time j-o-e c-l Radio holy cow! I’m out of here. Clark can’t even get them past that test. I thought we’d settled this. With the doors chained, that school’s a firetrap. He’s laughing at us. The man has a legitimate problem. How does he keep drug pushers out of his school if their buddies can let them walk on in? He’s got a point. This doesn’t concern you. Don, we can both go to jail. By statute, we are legally responsible. If a fire broke out and a kid got hurt, they’re going to get trampled. A bunch of savages anyway. Savages? Don, can’t you control your men? Ladies and gentlemen, please leave me alone with mrs. Barrett. Don, i want to talk to you. I’ll call you later at your office. Thank you, frank. Close the door, eh? I want to apologize for the chief’s use of language. I don’t like none of you people. Then let’s cut through the formalities. What do you want? Clark! Just like that. Head on a platter. You think i got an attitude. Let me tell you what i think. You like clark because he’s a guard dog, does your dirty work, keeps the black folk in line. That’s fine, but you got to get re-elected. I got enough folks lined up with me to give you a damn hard time, and i’ll get more. Unless i do what? Appoint me to the school board so we can vote clark out. Otherwise we’ll have to vote you out. It’s always a pleasure to see citizens avail themselves of the democratic process. My job will be easy. You’re not too popular these days, are you? I’ll sic the fire chief on clark. Will that satisfy you? Yes. And then i’ll get the school board to dismiss him. Then you’ll come out publicly for me. It’ll be my pleasure, mr. Mayor. That barrett is a bitch on wheels. Smart. She’s smart. Yeah. She got your number. When am i supposed to do this? Now we’d just disrupt things. Give him another week to prepare for that test. Then we’ll catch him with chains on the doors. We nail him, and we make her happy. Politics. What a business. It’s just like yours, putting out fires. The mayor’s going to nail me, huh? What do i always say? He’s got the hammer and nails himself. These are some of my white students. Frankie, bernard, steve. Boys, this is mr. Rosenberg, school attorney. Let him hear the school song. Fair eastside by thy side by thy side? We’ll stand we’ll stand? And always praise thy name- all right! I can’t stand this. Needs work, fellas. Some things you can’t teach. Bad singing isn’t genetic. How’s your mother? She got that job. She’s feeling good. Girls, what are you doing? The phone’s broken. My baby’s sick. Make your call from the office. When will you girls learn? I ain’t ashamed about my baby. Nobody’s saying you should be ashamed. And she ain’t ashamed of me. Whenever she look at me, she don’t see no wrong. Ok. Go on and make your call. Mr. Vanzetti, let these girls make a call. Hey, mr. Clark. We can’t let them know who told you. Why not? Mr. Clark, we got a problem. How come you leave us out? Everything’s for the black kids. The gospel chorus, football, basketball is for the blacks. I’m short. I can’t play basketball. The point is, you’re ignoring us. We’re getting really ticked off. With a mouth like yours, you ought to study law. Really? You kids wait for me in my office. If you all talk at once, i can’t do anything. I’ll be with you ladies in a minute. Boss, you and mr. Rosenberg better wait out here. Miss lynn, give markus a pass. Ms. Levias, is everyone here? Yes, sir. Let me have your attention.

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