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Oh, yes, yes, yes! Absolutely. Nice to see you. Thank you. Thank you for coming. Yes! You gotta go ahead… Oh, no. All right! Okay, but don’t pay us no never-mind. Not a problem, Niphateria, what can I do for you? I think the question is what I can do for you. I made a little Stanky-leg Stankershet shot for you, Mr. John. Just want you to go on and give it a little swirl. Get your life, baby. It’s gonna change your life. Don’t mind if it does. You know what you need to do. Get your life. In five, four, three, two… Oh, shit! Watch your step. Show me what you’re working with. Show me what you’re working with. Ooh, baby. You know what I’m saying? Let me holler at you for a second in the room there. Oh, John! Have fun, John. Pop that thing, pop that thing, pop it! Come on! You know my… My safe word is kimchi. Pop that thing, John. Pop that thing, boy. You welcome. No, no, no, no! Oh, my God! Baby, you hear that? Listen. Oh, my God! Oh, that’s our song, baby. Now, you get this going. Oh, baby. I love that song. We met on that song. No, we did it on that song, What you talking about? Thank you, Mr. Stankershet. For what, baby? Being the man that I always loved. I love makin’ you happy. And you know exactly how to make me happy. I love you, baby. I love you. Got some movement. What’s that? That’s the mandingo. Houston, we ain’t got no problems. Ooh, Lord, told you not to give me that cocktail. Damn, that worked fast this time. Hey, when that thing wake up, it gotta go to work. Hey, man, we forgot you was there. I wanted to say that… I’m really happy you guys came. I mean, I couldn’t have done all this without you guys. I love you, Mamma. I love you, PP. And I love you, Pop. Thank you, son, love you too. And you, girl, if you ain’t my damn twin! I swear we are identical! Come here, girl. I love you, baby. Welcome to the family. Thank you, Mr. Stankershet. Always a pleasure. Such a nice, young lady. Listen… Me and your mamma, we got Bible study on Wednesday, we gonna go upstairs. Praise His light. Got some scriptures to study.

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