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We are Engineers India’s Future is still unknown. Alok, I have never wished for anything in life. Shivani, I’m not important enough for you to shed tears on me. We both belong to different worlds. I’m glad you liked me despite the differences. But, please understand, I’m in no position to decide our future. Alok! I’ll miss you. I never want to see you again. I have attended interviews since morning. Couldn’t clear even a single interview. How did your interview go? I’m sure you must have done well. Wearing shoes is extremely irritating. I don’t think I’m attending any interviews. Why? Can’t see myself clearing interviews, wearing formals, working a – job, borrowing money to suffice expenses. Trying to please the manager, attending his parties and also ending up paying his bills Even after doing all this, at the end of the month, will still fall short of money. If I have to wear formals, then it will be for myself. I want to start a start up. Super Idea dude! Let’s work only for ourselves. When do we begin? Don’t act on impulse, think about it. I have decided, If I can become anything? I’d rather be Ambani himself. Give me a Hi-Five! Here’s your coffee sir! There’s free Wi-Fi! You can access it. Sir! Are you alright? Help me a little. I’ll look for an auto outside. For how long have you used the system? About minutes. Earlier credit is Rs, Shall I take that too? Yes, sure! Hey Raki! Need you vehicle. I’m shifting my room. Thanks! Sir, we are near the colony. Come inside! Has somebody died here? No! It’s just me composing tunes. Compose it after my death! Please come in. Please hold this! I own a flower business. Was preparing flowers for an order today. Room is upstairs. Come I’ll show it to you. Come see! Rent should be paid on the th of every month without fail! Pay the electricity bill, when it arrives. Don’t open this door, it leads to the godown. Here’s the keys! Thank You! Everybody is posting about their new car, home, and bike on Facebook What about it? We set out to be Ambani’s. We’re now changing houses without paying rent. I still need time to prepare my business model Also, nobody becomes Ambani overnight! years is not overnight! I don’t know how much more should we wait. I’ve never forced you to stay with me! Stay if you want, or leave right now. Fighting with my buddy, feeling irritated, He doesn’t understand my feelings. Excuse Me! Yesterday .My laptop Don’t worry It’s safe, How Are You? I’m okay. One minute! This is my office laptop! Thank you! Please keep this! Sorry, I don’t accept free money. I’m Susheel. Alok! Nice meeting you, Thanks again. Come! Madam, Pooja, she’s joined today! Hi! Hello! Welcome. Thank you! This is Vidya! Vidya, This is Pooja! She’s done B.Sc in computer science, And teaches advance Java. Oh Nice! Sir! This is Prakash. He is the senior most faculty! Hello Sir! Pooja, She’s joined us today. We are sitting jobless here, What will you do after joining? We will chit-chat and pass time. people work in this institute. people including both of us. And Six people including Alok! Alok, Pooja.

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