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Well? I wonder, am I the only one that’s on to you and her? Who? Nobody else seems to guess you’re sweet on her. That ought to be worth extra, but I’ll throw it in for the same price. What are you selling? I can shut up, that’s what I’m selling. You see, I’m a snoopy kind of a guy. I find things out. I get around. I got around one afternoon in Sausalito. I overheard a little conversation down in Mexico. I found out about a little plot of yours. You wouldn’t want me to say nothing about how you’re framing Michael. Frame him for a murder you’re going to commit. Well, let’s talk it over tomorrow. When you’ll be playing dead and someone we both know is really dead? No, thanks, Mr. Grisby. We’ll settle our account, right now. All right, Broome Radio if you insist. What are you doing? Hello, Michael. I’m sorry. You drive. Were you shooting a gun? I was just doing a little target practice. That’s what you’re going to say, isn’t it Radio when you shoot the gun down by the boat landing? People come out of the bar to see what happened. You’re going to say, “I was just doing a little target practice.” Of course, really, you’re supposed to have shot me. And later, when nobody’s looking Radio you’re supposed to have thrown my corpse into the bay. Look out! What happened back there? Anybody hurt? Kind of banged it up, mister. Yes. It’s our fault. Here’s my card. Let me know if there’s any damage. Looks like you got damage. Your hand’s cut bad! Really, it’s all right. Well, goodnight. Goodnight, Mr. Grisby. Goodnight. Did he get a good look at us? What? The truck driver. He’ll make a good witness. What? He’ll testify he saw us just before the murder. Broome, are you ill? I’ve got some lead in me, where it hurts. I’ll call a doctor. Did already. Trouble is, the doc will report the police. The police will want to know who was the certain party who shot me. Don’t worry, he’ll get his. There’s going to be a murder. Ain’t going to be a fake murder this time. Somebody’s going to be killed. You mean Radio Yeah, your husband. Maybe he’s the one who’ll be knocked off. What? Could be. You better get down to his office, if you want to do anything about it. What are you doing? Getting blood all over the floor of the car. My blood. It’s perfect. If you’d shot me, there would be blood, fella. See? Now, when you get back to the garage, start washing out the bloodstains. You’re trying to wipe out the evidence, see? But be careful not to do such a good job that they can’t analyse the stains. You can just try to wash that out. Get the gun. It’s in the glove compartment. Good. Come on now. Let’s go. Be sure enough people in the bar get a good look at you. They’re bound to ask about the shooting. Just say you’re doing a little target practice. Be sure and wait until you hear the speedboat get away. Understand? Where are you going? Give me that cap! What are you laughing at? Wait and see. Get the law! Get back in the house! You come back in the house. It’s none of your business! Why don’t you let people get some sleep around here? What are you doing with that gun? I was just doing a little target practice. Where are you going with it now? Is he drunk? He’s soused! San Rafael, please. Hello. I want to speak to Mrs. Bannister. What? It’s me, Broome. Get down to the office. Montgomery Street. You was framed. Grisby didn’t want to disappear. He just wanted an alibi. And you’re it. You’re the fall guy. Grisby’s gone down there to kill Bannister, now. Hello? Hello? Hello? Stop that car! Stop the car! Am I too late? For what? To save Mr. Bannister. Who? Arthur Bannister. That’s blood, ain’t it? Sure, it’s blood. It’s all over the seat. Where? Let go of me! There’s blood all over him. Your name? Michael O’Hara. Listen to this paper I found on the sidewalk. I want to know about Mr. Bannister. Go ahead, Joe. “I, Michael O’Hara, in order to live in peace with my God Radio ” Yes, Michael? You were asking for me? Pardon me, please. ” Radio freely make the following confession.” Confession! “On the evening of August , I shot and killed George Grisby.” Then it wasn’t you that was killed, it was him, Grisby! Hello, darling. Have you heard the news? George has been murdered. He was found here in the street with Michael’s cap in his hand. Michael is going to need a good lawyer. Well, it’s my own fault Radio but that’s how I got into it, big boob that I am. I began to ask myself if I wasn’t out of my head entirely. The wrong man was arrested. The wrong man was shot. Grisby was dead and so was Broome. And what about Bannister? He was going to defend me in a trial for my life. And me, charged with a couple of murders I did not commit. Either me, or the rest of the whole world is absolutely insane. You know my associate, Mr. Seeley. Hello. He’s arranged for your pass into the jail. It’s in the building. Should he take you? I’d rather go by myself. All right, Seeley. I’ll join you in the office. Okay. Excuse me, Mrs. Bannister. You want to be alone with Michael? It was your idea. Morning, Bannister. Morning, Judge. Is your boy still in the hospital? Been home since Tuesday. Well,

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