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I don’t know. No, auggie’s right. It’s a machine. I’m telling you. Ah, lookit! It’s a man. Oh, what do you know, Lionel? : Marcus? You okay? Come on, ulysses, let’s go home. We’ve seen him go through all the cards. I’m going, ulysses. Papa, mama! Ma! He got lost, ma. Auggie found him and brought him to the telegraph office. Thanks, homer. Careful, there’s a busted egg in his pocket. Homer. I’ve never believed in wars. I know them to be foolish, even when they’re necessary. I’m glad that I’m the macauley who is in this war, for it’d be a pity and a mistake if it were you. I can write to you what I would never say in person. You are the best of the macauleys. You must go on being the best. You must live in the years of your life forever. You are what we are fighting for. Yes, you, my brother. “Now I’ll write your name here to remind you, homer macauley, “that’s who you are. “I miss you very much. “I can’t wait until I see you again. “God bless you. “So long, your brother, Marcus.” If my brother Games Is killed in this stupid war, I’ll spit at the world. I’ll hate it forever. I won’t be good. I’ll be the worst of them all, the worst that’s ever lived. Uh, you be grateful for yourself. You Games be thankful. That’s what your brother’s trying to tell you. Mr. grogan, are you drunk? Yeah Games I’m a little drunk. I feel better when I’m drunk. I probably wouldn’t be telling you the things I’m telling you if I wasn’t drunk! You’re a man, homer! Fourteen years old and you’re a man! Now who knows who made you such a thing. I don’t know, you don’t know. But it’s true! Know that it’s true! You understand me? Hello, Lionel. Going to see the movie? Haven’t got any money. Why are you standing in line? Me, auggie, Enoch, shag, nickie and alf went out to the jailhouse to talk to the criminals, but then shag chased me away. I don’t know where to go. Well, do you wanna see the movie? No. Come on with us. We’re only taking a walk around. The sun’s going down. Come on with us, Lionel. Okay. Thanks. I sure was getting tired standing there. Stop it, ulysses! Hey, come on now. Stop it! I’m gonna say hello to Mr. grogan. I’ll catch up. Homer? It’s me, Mr. grogan. I’ll hurry and get the coffee. Coffee! Oh, I’m cooking a new pot right now, homer. It’ll be just a minute. You don’t have any? There’ll be coffee in a minute. Mr. corbett’s making a Games Mr. grogan? What’s the matter? What’s the matter, homer? What’s wrong with the old man? He’s dead. Oh, you’re crazy. No. He’s dead. Auggie? Uh, it’s Mr. grogan. Homer says he’s dead. I’ll stop that. Auggie? Um, I want you to go over to corbett’s. Alright? Um, you have them telephone Games Games dr. Nelson. His number’s . He’ll take care of everything. Okay, have him come right on over here, and then also have him telephone Harry Burke. He’s the other telegraph operator. And you have them both come down here, okay? Yes, sir. Thank you, auggie. : Hi, homer. Willie always said he wanted to work until the day he died. You gotta believe your brother isn’t gone, he’s still inside you, he’s inside– no! That isn’t good enough! I want to see him! I wanna smell him. I wanna hear his voice, hear him laughing and have fights with him! Everything’s different now. And this place Games Everything in ithaca has changed, because my brother isn’t gonna look at anything anymore! My brother’s dead. Right, okay. I’m not Games I’m not gonna try and comfort you. I can’t. But just try to believe Games Games that the best part of a good man stays. It stays forever. They’ll know. They’ll know the minute they see me. Well, I can sit with you for while, if you like. I have to go now. Ma, somebody’s Games There’s a soldier outside. Well, go on out to him, honey. Hello. Bess? How do you know my name? Do you know my brother Marcus? Yes. Has he come home with you? Your brother Games You’re Toby, aren’t you? It came this afternoon. I’m sorry, homer.

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