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What can I get you? My so es are hot nowadays. Menopause, maybe? No way, not a chance. I’m sti young. It’s because I got no man. Give me some co d meds. Someone sick? The bane of my existence. Studying makes him sick, apparent y. Give me night time meds. Here you go. Oops, c umsy me. How much? $, p ease. Take care. This is what I made today. Okay. , Radio , Radio Radio What in the wor d? You scar me. Radio Radio Radio , , Radio , , Radio Si-eun? My wife’s there! What are you doing? Get over here! Rookie, come here. Stay here for a minute. I knew she was troub e the moment she came to town. Get over here! Bring one more unit! Goddammit. It’s rea y him. Shut the he up! Don’t you want to ki anyone who fee s fishy? Jang-woo, of a peop e out there, why the pharmacist? He’s practica y a saint. I found Super Comet there! I’m more suspicious of you. Her body was found at your p ace, and you’re at murder scenes before us. So, te me. I said Si-eun to d me about it. This is nuts. Brass bow , and now a shaman. What? Stop this witch hunt, and go wait over there. What a oad of . How ong shou d I wait? Remember what you said before? You said to wait just days. And then what happened? After those days, she came back as a body! Beaten up to a pu p, b oody and bruis a over, torn apart ike paper Radio Same as Eun-ji, but it’s not the same ki er? We’ investigate thorough y. Catch him! Son of a Radio Catch him and bring him to me! Go catch him! You assho e! Bring him to me! Don’t ever come back here! What a bad uck! I want to Radio spread her ashes near my parents. It’s too co d, so I’ do it in the spring. That’s what remains of her. I’m sorry. That day Radio I thought it cou d be her. She treat me ike a friend. But I didn’t do anything. And she di ike that. Eun-ji and that woman Radio Everyone dies around me. Why’s that your fau t? It’s my fau t Radio for eaving her a one. Si-eun, give me your phone. Hand it over. When your ghosts come ca ing, ca me and te me everything. I’ be there before him to catch the bastard. Come here! I got sweets! Gather around! Who wants one? Me! Take one each. Thank you! Go p ay over there. Masan Nursing Hospita Your chi dren don’t visit? You know how it is. Sorry for your troub e. Don’t be, I’m sorry I’m not very good. When did you earn to cut? I took on every possib e jobs in the o d days. I de iver food, mi k, newspaper, even work at a gas station. I earn to cut by watching. When did you study? I didn’t. ooking at you. I’m remind of my ate father. Don’t stab him with that. et’s cut the front. This man ki my sister. He may stab you with it. Jang-woo. He’s ike my father to me. Do not speak i in front of him. hours a day, days a year, I’ keep my eyes on you. Do you hear me, ki er? You cross the ine, that’s enough. et’s have unch together next time. Take care of yourse f, I’m off, sir. Come on, shuff e it better. Sha we begin? Buddy. Why’re you bothering the pharmacist? He’s a saint who brings meds to the sick. Cop! Cop! Cop! Get rid Of it! Hurry up! The cards! Hey. Something fee s odd. Anyone gamb ing here? Come on, no gamb ing here. Don’t do it, no more warnings. Don’t ta k nonsense, we’d never. What was that fish ca ‘rock trout’? I can’t forget that taste, is it expensive? Not at a , want one ready? There’s no need. -When do you ne it? It’s okay. Shou d I ca you? Hey! Yong-han! I didn’t get caught once after insta ing this. That boar devours my fish and just takes off. Here it is. Whose car is that? White Avante, who cou d it be? It’s the pharmacist. Was he here that day? What’s he doing in the car? Stop! Again! Go back! That’s Myung-gyu. What? Myung-gyu? So he was with her that day. To d you he was the one from day one! Fast forward. You accus the wrong man. Hey- Jang-woo! Where’s he going? The boys? They went to b ackmai that ba d man. Idiots. But why’s that bastard want me at the schoo ? Yuhang Midd e? Yeah. Pervert bastards, there’s a ways something. Here. It was you. Si-eun Jang-woo Radio Where’s Myung-gyu? Did you see him? Myung-gyu? I think he went home ear y. Yuhang Midd e Schoo Hey, Jang-woo. That night Radio when Eun-ji was ki Radio It wasn’t me! I didn’t ki her! Did you go to my p ace that night? Yeah, I was there. She said you ock her up, and need to go to the sa on, but she wasn’t there. Did you see the pharmacist? The pharmacist? At Yong-han’s shop, a white Avante! Oh, Avante White Radio No one was in the car! You’re better than gir s wanting sugar daddies. What? At east you’re c ear. A transaction, nothing more. oad of . You a ready wast minutes. I don’t buy something ike women. “Something”? Then why am I here? I’m sorry if I hurt your fee ings. Something’s been pestering me and I want to check something. But ooks ike he’s not coming. Here. Go on. Pervert bastard. It was you, right? Eun-ji and that woman. I’m kidding, just messing with you. Do I ook ike a chump who hides in the shadow, and rape and ki ? What the he ‘d you know?! Where the he is he? ee Si-eun Jang-woo, I think something“ happen here. That gir in the bus, she’s with the pharmacist. Dere ict schoo behind town Radio Room with grandfather c ock Radio and cross ref ection off a pudd e! He o? Si-eun? Si-eun? Goddammit! Some gir is with the pharmacist! Si-eun’s there too! Who? Si-eun! Si-eun! The possess gir ! The shaman. They’re at Yuhang! Goddammit! Wi you come when there’s a body? What’s the name of that dere ict schoo ? Fee ing better? Don’t tire yourse f out, come ie down. How did you know where to come? Do you rea y get visions? Si-eun! Assho e, I knew it was you a a ong! I to d you I’d be watching you. You okay? Are you hurt? Homicide I to d you it was him! Si-eun, go on, te them. Where’s the gir ? The one he tri to ki . But she’s Radio Sorry, I was mistaken. Si-eun, what’s with you? You said on the phone Radio Nothing happened, there is no gir . What the he ‘s going on? She faint outside, so I brought her in. He must’ve overreacted. Son of a ! He’s the one! He park at Yong-han’s shop Radio Jang-woo. I’m doing everything I can to so ve this case, I bare

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