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What is it Brother Timothy is supposed to tell me? That he bought a younger version of your Pope’s skull. Decorum. Brother Superior. You take yourself too seriously, Brother Marinus. I do what must be done. Yes, and you do it well. All I’m suggesting is that you do it with a little Games Well, a little less fervor. Since when is it wrong for a man of God to display his devotion? There’s no joy in your life. You never laugh, you never smile. Are you saying that I could serve God better Games if I laughed during prayer? A slight smile wouldn’t hurt. We don’t usually think of God as having a sense of humor. But he does, you know. It’s dry and to the point. For instance, he creates a beautiful stallion. And then adds the jackass for contrast. With all clue respect, I am happy. In my misery it pleases me to scowl and glower. I prefer a constant edge of hunger to three meals a day. Evil, thy name is woman. Don’t let him bother you. God. I didn’t mean to intrude like that. I mean Games I was just looking for Brother Orsini. I didn’t Games I’m sorry. No harm done. Please sit down. It’s just that they’re not used to a Games Well, someone from outside the brotherhood. Aren’t you an outsider? I mean outside the brotherhood. Yes, but I’m a little easier to accept. I’m not a woman. I see. There we go, then. It’s not anything extravagant, but it is filling and warm. Thank you. It looks Games delicious. Oh, it looks nothing of the sort. It looks just as bad as it tastes. I didn’t make it so you don’t have to be kind. Well now, you two have a nice chat. See if you can get this one to talk. He’s such a puzzle to us. I’m Elizabeth. Nice to meet you, Elizabeth. I’m John. Why are you such a puzzle? Ah, Ms. Magrino. Here you are. I’m so sorry about the disturbance. Oh, don’t give it another thought. Come, let me give you that guided tour. John, take my place at the service, would you? Of course. I’m going to show Ms. Magrino where our famous miracle took place. And if he asks, tell Brother Marinus I’ve gone. Tell him I’ve gone hunting Satan. That should bring a smile. We inhabitants of this sacred abbey are urged to reflect on our lives here on Earth. Lives that pass through quickly. As symbolized Games by the hourglass. We are urged to go steady in our lives. Like Games the flowing sand Games through the hourglass. But Games we are also warned. Beware the Beast. God? Practice the power to seal the demon in unholy burial forever. God granted our holy symbol of divine protection. Always remain, and ward off forever Games agent of Satan, the Beast of the apocalypse. Beware the Beast. Let none arouse him from his imprisonment. Keep his seals of containment Games for once they are breached, then shall the horror come to pass. Stars shall become dark and fall from the sky. The sun shall turn black. The earth shall freeze white with ice. Brother shall turn against brother. Mother against child. The earth shall open up in fiery torrents. And mountains shall crumble into the sea. Rivers shall run red with the blood of the suffering. Darkness shall descend not only upon the Earth Games but into the very soul of man. He is the holy king. Sacred his symbols. Evil, thy will be contained. It bleeds. Is the Devil wagging your tongue? What do you think of our catacombs? Kind of spooky. Yes. I suppose the first time down here is spooky. But there are no ghostly spirits or wandering souls. Just a bunch of old bones. Actually, to think of death is rather sobering. To think that what we are now they used to be. And what they are now Games we soon shall be. You know, the catacombs remain until this clay the last significant monument to Christian antiquity. They were the burial place for the bodies of the martyrs who died defending their faith. Here we are. Our famous catacomb chapel. It’s Games “Unusual” is the word we use. As you know this abbey is most famous for the Miracle of Celestial Light. According to church documents, the first prior at this abbey had been blind for many years when one day he was showered with a heavenly shaft of light from above. And his eyesight was miraculously restored. As you can see, there were no openings in this catacomb chapel. Just a painting of heaven. From time to time others have claimed to have seen this celestial brightness. At the turn of the century a Brother Belore saw the light reflected in this holy monstrance. It shone so bright, it blinded him. God giveth and God taketh away. So much for miracles. A few of the brothers still come down here for private meditation, but mostly they stay away. Why? I guess they don’t want to risk going blind. Here. Take this. I want you to wear it until you leave. It is supposed to inspire stillness and serenity. Why don’t you stay down here for a while and take some pictures? It would be a rare treat for those students of yours. As long as Brother Marinus doesn’t find out, it should be okay with God. I’ll come back for you later. Elizabeth Games Brother Orsini? God, you scared me. I’m sorry. Brother Orsini asked me to finish giving you the tour. What is she doing down here?

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