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He didn’t want you to quit. He didn’t want you to quit. You could have saved them. We could have saved them. I was protecting my family. It was mine or yours. Do it. Shoot me. I don’t want to kill you. I want the fish to like me. Sir, we’ve located the interpol agent and her son. The local strike team is being patched through now. I got eyes on him. Should I take the shot? Negative. Stand down. Let him live. Semper fi. You know what this is? This is the moment where you realize that the line between friendship and profession is not where you thought it was. you. Drop your weapon! Drop your weapon! Put it down! Don’t do it. Hey. Come here. Dad, dad, I caught a fish! What’d you catch? Show me what you caught. I caught a fish. Well, show me what it is. Adam! Adam, show me what you caught! Travis, can you hear me? Listen to the sound of my voice. It’s all going to be okay. And another thing don’t let whats-his-name behind the wheel. The wrestler. I’m not gonna let anyone else drive. Love you. Bye. No regrets, right? Yo, Hitchcock, the action’s right here. And here we have the fabled “Mansquatch.” One false move could alert him to our presence. Whoa, bin Laden, what’s up? Sal, relax. Making new friends? Yeah, I’m making new friends. Hey hey hey! Wanna be our friend? Aw, guess not. I’m serious is anybody else kinda nervous about this guy or just me? It’s just you. Hey, how’s it going? Not bad. Looking forward to a little R&R. I don’t think you’ll be needing these to crowd surf. Yeah, well, the canyon’s got some nice runs, so You’re gonna do some rock climbing? It crossed my mind. Where’s where’s Sara? She’s probably taking another lesson, right? You’re hilarious. Let me shoot some of this. Who’s the film major? Shut up. No, come on, no. There she is. Ugh, I know I’m late. There was a screw up with our booking so I had to do a little sweet-talking. We still get the plane though, right? Have I ever let my best friend down? No. Coldplay here we come! Whoo! This is gonna be killer, Sara. Here’s to Sara, huh?

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