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And if you need me, you just call for me, okay? No! Please! Aiden, there’s nothing in here, okay? Now let’s tuck you back in. There you go, legs out, let’s get the blanket on. Let’s tuck you in, there you go, tight like a burrito. I love you, buddy. TICKING Make sure you count to ! I will. In Mississippi’s! One Mississippi, two Mississippi, three Games Mississippi, four Mississippi, five Mississippi. DOOR CREAKING Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississippi Games Mississippi, Mississippi, Mississippi. RECORD NEEDLE SKIPPING EERIE MUSIC PLAYING Gotcha! You scared the crap out of me! Good! Now I got you back for the other day. This stuff is awesome! It must have belonged to the people who used to live here. Everything looks weird through this thing. EERIE MUSIC FADES UP Agh! What? I saw some– If you keep trying to scare me, then I’m going to smack you. I don’t like it up here. I’m gonna take this stuff to Dad. Hey, Dad, look. What ya got there? I found some cool stuff in the attic. This whole entire house and you end up in the dusty, old attic. This entire house is dusty. Wow Games ain’t that something? I knew you’d like the pocket watch! RINGTONE SOUNDING CAMERA SHUTTER CLICKS Victoria Games Victoria? I’m just playing, Daddy. Can I have that back, please? Let me speak to Claire about some of this stuff. But we bought the house, it’s ours now. I haven’t seen you play with your dolls in a long time. Well, Mommy bought them for me and I miss them. Okay, sweetie. Let me just check some of this stuff out, okay? Who knows, it could be worth a whole bunch of money. EERIE MUSIC FADES UP RINGING CLAIRE ON PHONE Hi, you’ve reached Claire Games at Primetime Realty. Please leave your name, number Games and a brief message and I will be happy to return your call. Hey, Claire, this is John on Willow Road. When you get a chance, can you call me back on my cell. A few things about the house that I want to ask you. Thanks, bye. LOUD CRASHING Holy ! Hey! Watch your mouth! What were you guys doing in here? It wasn’t us, Dad! We didn’t do it! in’ A! Enough with the swearing, goddamn it! Nothing I haven’t heard before. Seriously, what happened? I don’t know. Victoria, would you go get some bags out of the kitchen, please? Okay. Aiden, you go get the broom and the dust pan. All right. Well, don’t just stand there, give me a hand. Seriously, this is like freaking me out. Think the house is haunted? No, don’t be ridiculous. There’s gotta be some practical explanation. I didn’t screw the legs into the bookcase well enough. Yeah, that makes a lot of sense. Whoa, whoa, whoa, don’t come in here, buddy, there’s glass. I got you. Thanks, Aiden, you can go up to your room. What? Oh, nothing Games you just reminded me of your mother just then. SOFT MUSIC PLAYING GLASS SMASHING Lynn, was that you? I’ve missed you, John. EERIE MUSIC PLAYING MELISSA Hey, there! Good morning! I’m Melissa, I live next door. I’m John, I’m the new homeowner. I meant to stop by and welcome you guys to the neighborhood Games but my father’s been such a handful. Is everything okay? He has a lot going on right now. I’m watching after him. Okay. He had a stroke a while back and he hasn’t been the same since. Mix that with dementia Games and well let’s just say he’s a lot to handle. That’s terrible. I’m– I’m really sorry. Yeah, I know, it’s– it’s sad. It’s hard, but I get through it. I saw your kids running around the other day. Cute little things! I’d love to meet your wife. She recently passed. I’m still learning how to say that. Oh, I-I am so sorry to hear that. It’s okay. Please! If you ever need help with the kids Games or if you just need some time alone Games I’d be happy to watch them. Thank you, I appreciate that. Look at us, first time we meet and we’re exchanging sob stories. You know what? I’m gonna bake up a cake Games and bring it over to you guys. Oh, no, no, that’s not necessary. I’m right next door, if you need anything. I’m just so happy this old house finally sold. Um, how long has this house been empty? Well, I don’t know if it’s ever been empty. What do you mean by that? Oh, I’ve just seen some mice coming from it. You might want to keep an eye. Yeah, I’m sorry about that! I’ll check into it. Maybe– maybe I’ll get a cat. Oh, no need to apologize, it’s not your fault. Anyway, I should get back to my father. Uh, nice meeting you. Aiden, Victoria Games time to get up! Jeez, didn’t expect you guys to be up. You’re never up this early. What’s for breakfast? I’m gonna make oatmeal. Aiden, what do you feel like? AIDEN Eggs. Eggs, you got it, coming up. How do you like em’, bud? Sunny or scrambled? Scrambled. You got it! Hm. Um Games Got it? Buddy, I think these eggs are spoiled. Or not Games um, how about some cereal? Enjoy. KNOCK ON DOOR Hold that, I’ll be right back. Fix yourself some cereal. Hello? Good Morning! John! Sorry, I went around to the back to see if you guys were home. I rang the door bell a few times. Hello, Claire. Yes, the doorbell is still busted. Well, you better get on that, Mr. Fix-it! Hey, I got your message this morning. I was in the neighborhood showing a property Games down the street, figured I’d swing by. Thank you, you didn’t have to do that Games but– a phone call would have been good, but thank you. No problem. What would you like to discuss about the house? Well, my kids found this very old chest in the attic. Yes. I believe I mentioned that the remains of the house Games were part of the purchase. Yes, you did. It’s the contents of the chest that’s concerning me. And what did you find? Do you mind if I show you for a second? I’m here, might as well. I’m sorry about that, I told my kids not to play Games with this stuff until I spoke with you. Curious little things, aren’t they. Hello again Games dear. Izzy! I can see her hormones are peaking. Yeah, she hasn’t been the same since my wife passed away. She’ll come around Games death changes people. So, what’s the problem? Don’t you find these photographs peculiar? Makes me wonder about the people that lived here before us. John, the house is over

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