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MUSIC CONTINUES MUSIC STOPS ROCK MUSIC PLAYING Victoria, pick one. Not happening. C’mon, pick one. I said no. Please! GPS VOICE In feet Games turn right onto Barrow Avenue. Will you shut up if I pick one? Guys, please be quiet. I’m trying to hear the GPS. Victoria, pick a card. PHONE VIBRATING Good, now place it back in the deck. Your card has magically risen to the top. Is this your card? Nope. GPS VOICE You are approaching your destination. You’re lying. No, I’m not. Yes, you are. Hey! What the hell! Stop it! Damn it, guys! I said knock it off! JOHN Thank you. GPS VOICE Your destination is on the right. SOFT MUSIC PLAYING This is it. Can we just pick a house already? This is beautiful. It looks like a giant doll house. Cannot believe you’re making us move. So, this is actually gonna happen? AIDEN I like it already, let’s take it! Well, we haven’t seen the inside yet! Who knows? It could be filled with cats. How many more do we have to look at? As many as it takes until we find one. Do you really think there are cats in there? No, Aiden, he was joking. Huh, the ad did say : o’clock. I don’t think you could even have picked Games an older house to look at, Dad. Look, it’s like collapsing right there. Well, with age comes character. The sign does say open house. It smells like cookies in here! This is nice! It’s actually not that bad. The green carpet’s gotta go. Guys, wait up! GLASS SMASHING Hello? Oh! Hey, not your fault, little guy. I’m so sorry! Aiden apologize to the lady. I’m sorry, ma’am! I didn’t see you there. Please, call me Claire. Really, it’s quite all right. I should have been waiting for you near the front door. But I was watching the cookies in the oven. He can be a handful sometimes. No worries! Please, continue looking at the house. I’ll clean this up in no time. Really, it’s okay. Aiden, go find your sister. Thank you. Let me get this. DOOR CREAKS FLOOR CREAKS BANG ON DOOR Got ya! You idiot! I call this room! No! I was here first! PHONE VIBRATING SOFT MUSIC PLAYING Aiden? GAS HISSING The house is a bit old, but it was built to last. Well, it’s a bit more house than I was expecting. CLAIRE I think it fits right into your price range. How do you know my price range? Well, I assume you read the ad. Yeah, what’s the catch? The door bell needs repair. Seriously, a house this size for that price? Cookie? No, I’m trying to drop some. Quite honestly, the city wants the house to sell Games before it wears. May I ask about your wife? Will she be joining us? Um, she recently passed. It still doesn’t seem very real. I’m so sorry for your loss. When did she– Three months ago. It seems like just yesterday she was here and now she’s gone so– Well, God tests us in the toughest ways sometimes Games doesn’t He? That explains the move then? Yeah, I figured a fresh environment Games would be good for the kids. Well, you made the right decision. The schools in this neighborhood, fantastic! I think this house will do well for your family! AIDEN I’m get that room! VICTORIA You wish! Hey, right on time. JOHN Just one, guys! Maybe two. JOHN What do you say? Thanks. You’re welcome. Hey! Easy with the stuff, guys! Jesus! Nope. What the hell? I told you I don’t want to see you smoking. I’m not a baby anymore, Dad, I can do whatever I want. Honey, I only want what’s best for you. Then maybe moving me away from all of my friends Games right after my mom died, wasn’t such a good idea, huh? Sweetheart, we’re all in this together. I’m gonna need your support. I’m gonna need you to be a little bit more cooperative. Just– please just Games leave me alone. LOUD BANG Idiot. Does this look like the kitchen? I was just taking a break! Sheesh. Isn’t this great? I love it! I still don’t understand why we had to leave the old house. Well, we talked about this, hun. I think this move is gonna be the best thing for all of us. You’ll get used to it. It’s kind of creepy. Scaredy cat! I’m not scared! I think all it needs is a good cleaning and some fixing up. I’m gonna have this place looking tip-top in no time. How do you feel about Chinese food for dinner? Sure, I don’t care. SIGHS Can we set my room up next? One step at a time, little man. Tell you what, why don’t you get up and help? AIDEN Nah, I’m fine. Aiden, get up and help. No, that’s okay. I mean, at this rate Games who knows how long it’s gonna take to get to his room, huh? Mr. Non-helper? No, I’ll help! I’ll help! Give me the cards, I’ll show you a trick. Dad? Yup. Can we hang this up? I think that’s a good idea. Where should we put it? Somewhere we can all see it everyday. How about Games Above the couch? That’s perfect. Hold it for me, buddy, Yep. Thank you. Come here. It’s perfect. What do you think? Great. KNOCK ON DOOR Foods here! Better be the food, I’m starving like a Marvin! You don’t look like you’re starving. JOHN Izzy, food’s here! Hey, how much? I think your doorbell is busted. Yeah. $ Games . please. Okay, there’s $. Thanks. Keep the change. When did you guys move in? Today, actually. Didn’t think anyone would ever buy this house. What do you mean by that? Have a good night. DELIVERY GUY Enjoy. This smells pretty good. Can we eat it in here and watch TV? Please! Please! Okay, but only tonight! Where are you going? Plates and forks. I think they are in a box on the kitchen table. Can’t wait to see how terrible the food is here. We got chopsticks! EERIE MUSIC PLAYING I’m sorry, hun! I was starving! The light in the kitchen just blew out. And now it begins. Izzy! Where are you going? Stay here and eat with us. I’m good. Yes, have an eggroll, they’re amazing. Those were Mom’s favorite. ELECTRICITY CRACKLING EERIE MUSIC FADING UP Dad! Dad! AIDEN Dad! Dad! Dad! What’s the matter? What’s the matter, buddy? Did you have a nightmare again? I heard something, Dad. There’s nothing in here, hun. I think you’re just not used to this new room yet. I saw someone! There’s someone in here! Well, I don’t see anybody. I think you’re just tired from the move. I know we all are. Tell you what, I’m gonna leave that light on. And I’m gonna leave that door open.

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