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Yeah, I’ll go. The Florentin is not just a precious stone. It’s a legend. It must be properly showcased. The display will be inside a winding space, at once open and closed, where guests may admire it in an intimate and mysterious setting. Only the Florentin and its parure will be offered. objects to bid on, illustrating how unique they are. That makes this an historic auction. No one has ever held a sale with one diamond and its parure. I hope we’re not headed for disaster. Pardon me. An urgent message for Ms. Neuville. Gentlemen, we’ll revisit this next time. Wait. Who gave you this? He asked for you. I said you had a meeting. Where is he? He couldn’t wait. Less than million for the Florentin and this auction is a failure and you will be responsible. Security Consultant Simon Farrel? This is Julia Neuville. Simon Farrel? That’s me. Mind if we step outside? That money. I don’t get it., euros advance from your mother for expenses. I should return the plans, too. Here. It’s all there. I have no reason to keep them now. What plans? Security systems and display case, as per Linvas and Galley Co. I couldn’t leave that at reception. The display case! My mother gave you the security plans? Yes, she wanted a vulnerability assessment. I don’t understand. What’s your profession? Your mother was leery of standard security solutions. They hear “jewels, Antwerp,” they figure it’s easy money. She hired me to overlook security. How long did you work for her? I’ve been on her auctions about years. I must go. Which auctions? The Potemkin, the little Sancy, the British crown jewels exhibit in Paris. About a dozen. Her most important events. She never told me. Take a later train? I’m expected in Paris. How did you meet? I was overhauling security for a top Paris jeweler, after a robbery. Your mother was consulting for the insurance company, in ‘. Lorenz Béumer? Julia. I’m sorry she left us. I know how close you were. You met at Lorenz Béumer? I have to run. It’s strictly confidential, but your mother was a friend. I bent the rules. None of it is digital. Too old. Got the Farrel file? Look at whatever you want. Simon Farrel worked with us in ‘, when my dad overhauled the security system. He worked on video surveillance design. Mr. Derteau will help you. Thanks. ELECTRONIC ENGINEER ANXIETY RELATED TO MOTHER’S DEATH Thank you for coming. You look like your mom in that coat. I’m considering a renewal of your deal with her. I need to know how you worked together. I’m not sure it’s a good idea. Then why did you come? I wonder if you’re imitating her, or if you really feel you need my services. Galley has been keeping me out of the loop. I’m isolated on my st major sale. Another thing. My father is handling the insurance. So? He’s struggled since my mom died. You have doubts about him? Did you tell Michaél Wurst about our meeting? Your mother told me who he is for you. If you mean our affair, that’s in the past. No, I didn’t tell Michaél a thing. My mother did play a role in my wanting to meet you, but Games I think it’s a bad idea. I understand. Giving someone your trust is always difficult. Pleasure to meet you. One piece of advice. Ask the security company if the Florentin drivers have valid licenses. Does anyone have a comment on the procedures or contracts suggested so far? Now Games Yes. I’d like the list of airport-hotel transfer drivers of the jewels. Julia, if you want every name of each person securing the jewels we’ll still be here next year. I’d like to see their licenses. Other remarks of the son? I won’t sign off till I see them. You’re not serious. Very serious. Get us the contract? Yes, sir. Five minutes. This is the transport staff. You’ll also get the licenses for all the drivers. I’m told the license of Mr. Burligny, who’s worked with us for years, is suspended until August. He’s an alternate and won’t be at the wheel. What if the driver has a problem? What if Burligny has to drive for some reason? The diamond wouldn’t be insured. You put an alternate driver into the vehicle who, by taking the wheel, invalidates every insurance protocol. We’ll replace Mr. Burligny. I should think so. Ask Linvas to get several estimates for the temporary cameras. Several? Eighty percent of heists have an inside man in security. You must decentralize as much as possible. It’s all there. Mission, dates, payment schedule, and this time no cherries. You forgot the cherries. That’s the only copy, I’ll keep it. Same deal your mother and I had. Thank you. I was curt the other day. It’s hard taking this over for her. It’s her dream and she’s not here. Here. Julia. You’re here? Simon, friend of mom’s. Michaél Wurst. I’m the auctioneer on the sale Julia is putting together. Héloise, my wife. What time tomorrow? Ten. See you at the meeting. Isn’t it odd him showing up here? Sorry it upsets you, but it’s coincidence. Pure coincidence. One last thing. I need to sweep your room. Meaning? Make sure no one planted bugs or cameras, to steal information. I’ll need to come with my equipment, no one can know. Thursday at five, all right for you? Ms. Neuville, Ms. Lombard! This is J.P. Robier, the Children’s Daily writer. I am so sorry. You’re late, I’m busy. I know it’s only a magazine for kids but they love your profession. We get loads of emails about this sale. I saw you did a th grade conference in the suburbs. So many kids read us. Stay with Christelle. Give me mins. This way. Thank you. I must do this interview. I’ll let you into my suite, you can get started. I’d rather you stay. Don’t worry, you won’t be disturbed. Your gear is in the living area. Have a drink. I’ll be right back. I’ll wait for you. Was your mother key to your choosing this profession? My mother communicated her love and passion. I’ve lived with gems my whole life. Excuse me, one second. I’d rather stop right away. There’s a Games Mr. Robier. Only minutes. Right, right. Go. Now Games you said you Games Done? Great. Oh, a few pictures! That wasn’t agreed upon. It won’t take long. I’ll do the pictures. Good. Let’s put you near the pillar. You look stern in pictures! Ah, that’s better.

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