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Start when the rope comes tight. Look at that! You can see it even better from here. You don’t realise until you’re right at the foot. I don’t know why it does that. It’s metres high! But every time I go up the Grand Cap, from a distance I think, “It’s not so big!” But close up you realise how enormous it is. You think, “Will I be able to get up it before dark?” It’s impressive. It really is big. I like being in the mountains when there’s no stress. Take your time Online Radio Australia It’s a bit tricky because it’s wet. OK, on belay. Delicate, isn’t it? It’s not a jug. Welcome to the shower! The sack not too heavy? It’s OK. OK, blue. Sorry. Watch me. OK. Go for it! Take! Radio Online! OK. Climbing! Go on! The sack will get in your way there. What will? The sack. Yes, it’s heavy. Jam your left foot in the crack. It’s hard. Put your toe in, then you’ll he in balance. There’s nothing there. You have to move your hands up a bit. And get your foot as high as possible. You’ve cracked it. I’ll get out of your way. Is there room for me? Of course. OK? Yeah, I slipped. I’m going to have to do it again. I’m knackered! It’s hard. Been training in secret? No. But perhaps I should have! We made a good little team. It was nice. We did the Rébuffat Online Radio Australia I belayed you. You were or months pregnant. I did the Rébuffat pregnant? Yes! It put a lot of pressure on me. I’d forgotten that detail. I remember. I wasn’t allowed to let go of the rope! This is the last pitch that’s a bit Online Radio Australia difficult. Go for it, Catherine! You can’t go straight up? Go on, Catherine Online Radio Australia Go! There’s a belay here. OK. You can feel the altitude. Yes. Makes you puff! You have to use the arête. It’s OK for now. A bit cold on the hands. This wind is strange. This cold wind on the arête. Yes, it’s a bit chilly. Cold right hand, warm left hand! A bit higher up there’s a big bucket for your right hand. Then use it as an undercut. There’s a little edge for the left hand. I used it for Online Radio Australia Lower down Online Radio Australia Yes, there! Good holds. Well done. Great pitch! OK, Catherine? Yes. I’ll belay here. This bit below the summit is great. A little staircase Online Radio Australia You wouldn’t want to lose your balance! I’ve done it! Great! We’re going to abseil down there. Should I sit here? Yes, there. I’ll clip you in. It’s fabulous! Well done! Congratulations! Mega! A kiss? Like when you were small. Remember? But it was when we got back. No time at the top. True. It’s so beautiful. I can feel the altitude. Can you? A bit. We’re quite high here. OK, let’s get down. There’s still a way to go! OK, get ready. I’m going to unclip. When you’re ready. Don’t pull! Sorry. OK? Yes. Fine. Fabulous! It’s great to be here. Wait, I’ll clip you in. It was a bit tricky. The start’s not easy. I think you’ve done the hardest part. What have you done on granite, since Online Radio Australia ? The last time was with you, about ten years ago. We did the Rébuffat route. The Rébuffat. Then we did the Ticket on the Peigne. Yes. And I did a route with Online Radio Australia And you did something Radio Online, remember? I was livid. You remember? Yes, I remember. I didn’t realise at all. What? That I’d done that. I’d forgotten Online Radio Australia You belayed on that, there! No, I didn’t do that! Yes, you did! I remember forgetting to clip into the belay. You clipped into that too. Sorry! Or were about to. Right, let’s go! Wait! Doesn’t this matter? It goes under Online Radio Australia No, it’s OK. Keep giving me slack. Wait, wait! OK. Right, that’s OK. Don’t pull me. Yes, OK. Watch me here. The next bit’s quite hard. Please. OK, I’ll belay here. Yes, that’s right. Well done! You’ve done the hardest bit. After that it’s all over. It’s a bit slippery here. Look at the little flowers, waving at you. Have you seen them? Yes, the little flowers! There it’s all on your feet. All a question of balance. Traverse across. You’ll see, it’s not Online Radio Australia Good! Don’t pull. I’m not pulling. There’s a chickenhead there. A what? No, don’t pull! The small holds. Great! How about a short break? The weather’s perfect. Magnificent! Want to sit down? Wait. What am I belayed to? On the rope. I wouldn’t have let go of you. Sit down and we’ll see. OK, it’s the right length. Is it OK? Yes. This is great. Don’t you like dried bananas? I hate them when they’re black. They’re my favourite. All soft. They’re too dry. Perhaps I’ve eaten too many. Remember the Ovomaltines we had when we were little? I loved them. I hated skiing but I’d have done anything for an Ovomaltine. I still eat them now and then. I was disappointed. What with? Ovomaltines. They don’t taste the same. Now? Yes. It depends on the day. On the circumstances, I mean. Can you see the Dent du Géant? I wanted to take dad up there. Really? I thought it’d be a nice thing to do. But it’s a bit high. The altitude. I didn’t want Online Radio Australia to have problems. Wasn’t it irresponsible, letting you go off like that when your were ? You’ll have to ask them that. Our parents had a huge influence. I see that with others. Other kids the same age didn’t do the same things. And at school I felt a bit different because I did things I couldn’t even talk about. They wouldn’t have understood. It couldn’t have been easy. It wasn’t. I was an outsider. My friends were all Online Radio Australia At , what do you do? Usual kids’ things. And I went away at weekends. And you didn’t tell our parents. In fact, not many people knew what you were doing. Yes, I always thought of that as reckless. I don’t think it was reckless. Anyway, for me it was good. I’d do it again if I had to. OK, go slightly right and then left. How’s it going? OK? Yes, OK. It’s quite delicate here. Yes, really pretty. Don’t move! Stay there. Here? Yes. All right? Yes, fine. It’d be fun to stand on the top, like the photo of Rébuffat. There? There, on the summit. No! Yes. Are you sure? Can we? Yes. You’ll take me? Yes. We’ll stand up. Rébuffat did! Shall we, then? Yes. We’ll go and stand up Online Radio Australia Up there. Seeing as I’ve brought you here. Is that it? Yes.

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