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You’re afraid of your own party. Your courage has failed you. You see this as a tremendous opportunity to free yourselves from your promise. That is the true statement of facts, Mr Jefferson. Whatever you may think to the contrary. You dislike me. You are afraid of me. And this is part of an organised conspiracy to force me to resign. Time and again you’re charged me with dishonesty in The Treasury. And time and again I’ve proved .. That there was no shadow of foundation to your accusation. And you’ve slunk away, whipped and defeated. And now here you are! Yelping at my heels again. And ready to tear me to pieces. Had I desired to defraud The Treasury. Should I have been driven to the need of un-kennelling Reynolds to assist me? If I thought that you really believed this story. I should not hesitate to give you proof of its falsity. But you know .. that what you accuse me of .. Has no foundation in truth. I admit. That I had transactions. With that man Reynolds. But they were of a private nature. And I swear that my connection with him .. Is in no way bound up with my public office. I make an appeal. To your sense of justice. And I ask you gentlemen. To drop this investigation. If our accusation is false. Why not tell us the facts? Because they would be of no value to you. And would cause great suffering .. To some who are very dear to me. You mean .. it’s a domestic affair? In a sense, yes. Something .. that affects your wife? Yes, sir. Something that affects my wife. In that case .. ─ Mr Hamilton. As a trusted representative of the people .. I feel it my duty to ask you a few questions. Yes? Well, in the first place .. In what way is your wife mixed up with ..? ─ Stop! There’ll be no more of this. I am ashamed of the act that has led to this inquiry. But I am more ashamed of my cowardice in begging for your charity. You shall have the facts. During the absence of my wife abroad. I became intimate with Mrs Reynolds. It doesn’t matter how or where. Since that night I have been repeatedly blackmailed by that man, Reynolds. Alexander! ─ I have no excuse to make. But it is now clear to me. That this whole thing was engineered by certain political opponents. A plot to discredit Washington’s administration. And my office. Excuse me gentlemen, but this is my birthday. And I’ve come to claim my husband. In a few moments, dear. In a few moments, I’ll come. I don’t think we need ask Mrs Hamilton to withdraw. Our business is over. Is anything the matter, father? ─ It’s alright, my girl. It’s alright. I deeply regret you should have been subjected to this. I give you my word that not one syllable shall ever pass my lips. I’m sorry. I was misinformed. I apologise. Wait a minute. Wait a minute. I’m not satisfied with this. I won’t be muzzled. You must excuse me. But I cannot stand by as Senator Roberts maintains this offensive attitude. And I wish to express my regret. That a representative of the Senate. Should behave in such a deplorable fashion. I take my leave. Well, Jefferson’s words don’t alter facts. Not with me they don’t.

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