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She also had another purpose that Francisco and Dorotea hear their pardon from her own lips. And she asked Ricardo to end the punishment of the slave, and to employ him in the proper labors of a servant. Your blessing, Mistress Online Radio Australia There you have him, Mama. I cannot believe what they told me about you. Not only was he guilty of disrespect to the overseer times, but as if that weren’t enough, he also loosed the mares from the paddock. And incited several other negroes to set fire to the bagRadio Onlinee house. If we had not Online Radio Australia He was such a submissive Black, so humble. The devil has entered your body. It has been hard for me to believe the damage that you have tried to do to us. I see now that you do not deserve my pardon and the marriage license I had planned to give you. You have become evil indeed. Listen, Mother, with the Blacks you cannot be lenient. Give them an inch and they’ll take a mile. You only have to look at them to understand that they’re descended from the monkeys. Look at those fat lips, the big nose, the flat forehead and the kinky hair. And then, they’re lazy and ingrates, like the beasts. And you’re still feeling sorry for them. Don’t say that, son. Ricardo had never followed the merciful orders that his mother had given him in regards to Francisco. So the happiness brought by the beneficences of the Mistress was not lasting in Dorotea’s heart. It was but a moment of happiness in the misery that awaited her. We shall then relate the events that transpired during that Christmas of sad memory. Francisco! And whose fault is it that our plans have failed? Not your Mistress’, nor yours. Francisco is the guilty one, doing not just one, but many bad things. Ricardo can inform you of the details ask him It seems like a bad dream, a Negro so submissive, so humble. Hey, my Mistress, have pity on me, feel sorry for me, please, God. Pity? And you still doubt what he’s done? But what more can I do? You came full of illusions To marry Francisco, and you find that he’s a shadow of his former self. It’s understandable that you mistrust everyone else, but why me? Mistress, I do not mistrust your mercy, ever. And I don’t mistrust you either. That’s why I would be very happy if you did not persist in loving Francisco. He does not deserve it. And also remember that marriage is for a lifetime. It is better to suffer for a short while than to be unhappy forever. I’m advising you, Dorotea, forget him. Yes, Mistress. I will not see him again until he mends his ways. And when that happens I will have no problem giving you my blessing for your marriage. I am very pleased with your decision. Now go get my purse and my fan Don Antonio is waiting for me. Go on. Yes, my Mistress. As soon as Dońa Mendizábal left Dorotea, after their talk, she informed Ricardo of his milksister’s humility. He listened to the news with great rejoicing, and with more interest than his mother could fathom, ignorant of what had transpired between the Mulata and her son, because had she known she would not have tolerated that Ricardo had fixed his eyes on a slave, much less a household slave. Don’t be afraid, I’m not going to eat you. The Mistress will see you, Nińo. No, the Mistress is at the mill having a good time. You and I are here alone. Please, Nińo, let me go! I want you to treat me with less formality. I will not try, you are my master. That’s because you want it that way. Look, Nińo, I am a slave. Yeah, I know you’re a slave and I’m your master, but I’m tired of waiting. Today I will give you your freedom How are you going to do that, Nińo? It’s $. What does $ mean to me? I’ll give it to mother, and tomorrow you’ll be free and mine. Mine. Oh, Nińo, let me live in peace. I beg you in your mother’s name. I will set you up in a house in Havana, with a Black woman to serve you. I will buy you clothes. You will be my princess No, no you don’t lack for anything. You come from a good family. How can you lower yourself by falling in love with me? A Mulata, a slave. Please, Nińo, in the name of God, leave me be. Leave me be! Come here, Online Radio Australia! It’s my fault for treating you with such delicacy. How do you figure? What’s all the bullRadio Online about virtue? Or is it that you’ve forgotten what you did with Francisco, when you were rolling with him in Havana, and the belly that he made you? Have you forgotten, Online Radio Australia!? And you still love him! Shut up, shut up! Hey, Dorotea, you’re gonna be sorry for treating me like a nigger. This Christmas you’re gonna come to me crying tears of blood and sorrow, and begging me. You didn’t want to please me the easy way, so now you’ll please me the hard way. It was I who destroyed Francisco. I because I wanted to! He is mine, so I can do whatever pleases me, and I will continue destroying him every day, every day, until you become mine, Online Radio Australia, or he dies! The mill was almost destroyed by a piece of machete blade hidden in the cane cuttings, or that a Negro had placed there on purpose. And Ricardo didn’t hesitate to take advantage of the situation to blame in on Francisco. Convinced that only through the use of force could he change Dorotea’s mind, he started to persecute him, away from the house, so that Dońa Mendizábal couldn’t intercede on his behalf. The Dońa, as was her custom, went to the infirmary to alleviate when she could the conditions of her Negroes, by making them remedies and giving away the leftovers from her table. In the novel, Ricardo acts moved only by his pRadio Onlineions. But, was it only his pRadio Onlineion that led him into provoking the unhappiness between Francisco and Dorotea? Did there exist other motivations as a plantation owner of the times? In another Ricardo that the author does not show us… Well, that change represents a savings in oxen that’s an advantage. Well, I’m still of the opinion that a good oxdriven mill is more adequate to this economy. Are you denying progress? No, not a all. I am cautious. Last year we made boxes of sugar, and with this machine I expect to do more than . And the Negroes? What about them, Padre? Well, can they withstand such rigors? They rest very little.

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