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Well .. what is it? I’m hard up, Mr Hamilton. I’ve got to have money. ─ What’s that to me? I want you to give me back my old job in the Treasury. You have been tried. You are lazy. You are dishonest. There’s no place for you in any government office. Maybe you’ll find a place for me, and find it quick. I think you’re drunk. ─ Do you? Do you remember a lady who called on you one night? Quite late. You took her home. She told you her first name was Maria. She didn’t tell you her married name. Her married name was “Reynolds”, Mr Hamilton. “Reynolds”? ─ Yes. My wife. You took advantage of her being alone. I see. You came into her life .. ─ What do mean, “came into her life”? You know I’ve never seen her since. ─ But you sent her money. I can prove it. Are you going to give me the job? ─ No! Maybe you’ll wish you had. What do you mean to do? Well first of all, I should consider it my duty to tell Mrs Hamilton. How much do you want? Well, I don’t want to be hard on you, Mr Hamilton. But if you give me a hundred dollars. Here is my address. I’ll send it to you. Would you excuse us, Molly? I’m rather tired. Why of course you are, my dear. Alexander has disappeared. I’ve looked everywhere for him. Why Alexander, here you are. Molly will excuse us. Molly, I can’t tell you the pleasure you’ve given us tonight. You are leaving? So soon? Au revoir. I sail tomorrow for France. And when I get back to my country and its revolution I will say .. In America, romance is not dead. For there is Alexander Hamilton. And there is his Betsy. [ Singing: ] Why Alexander. What is happening? How did you manage to tear yourself away from work at this hour in the morning? I heard you singing. And I couldn’t resist coming to see if you looked as pretty as you sounded. Amiable .. play truant today. Let’s have this day together. Take me shopping. But who is to look after my shop, The Treasury? Shut it up. Let’s pretend it’s my birthday. And I declare this a public holiday. What are we to shop with? ─ I know money is scarce. But we won’t spend much. Father says you’ve no right to go on working for the government. Your grateful country pays you $, a year as Secretary of the Treasury. And you know you could earn $, a year in private practice. Well, after tomorrow. When my Assumption Bill goes through, we’ll think about it. But today. It shall be your birthday and we’ll shut up shop. You’re a darling. Alexander. There is Roberts and Monroe, both come to see you. I met them on the doorstep and I put them in your study. Now, isn’t that devilish? What do you think they want? I’m afraid that’s just what I must find out. Well I give you ten minutes, no longer. Ten minutes. Come along father-in-law. Help me to get rid of them. Gentlemen, you honor me. Why, General Schuyler was just congratulating me on your cooperation .. In connection with my Assumption Bill. Yes. I trust we shall have no reason to alter our decision on that point. I too trust you will not find it expedient to break your word. It isn’t a matter of breaking words, it’s a matter of public opinion.

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