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Look, you see those? They’re all addressed to Wiesenthal. But they won’t be delivered until they’ve been checked. Checked for what? Bombs? We leave that to the police. They know what to look for. Perhaps you want to see my credentials? Credentials? Herr Bichler, this gentleman wants to leave. Will you escort him from the building, please? Be careful, before the police start taking an interest in you. Of course nobody will tell you! What did you expect? And what do you want with Simon Wiesenthal? MILLER: I have to see him urgently. Have you got his address? I can get it. But, Peter, this is the last time I am going to help you. Ring me back at three o’clock. And remember, it’s confidential. What was all that about? My journalist friend calling from Vienna. Oh. (PHONE RINGING) Yes? Put him through. I’ll finish it later. Yes. Yes, I’m listening. (INAUDIBLE) No, you were quite right to phone me. Stay close to Braun until I can make arrangements. Give me Dr Schultz’s number in Vienna. SECRETARY: The code is , Herr Deilman. And the number is . O-D-E-S-S-A. The organisation of former members of the SS. It was formed at the end of the war, to help SS men to disappear. To get them out of Germany. Set them up with new identities. Thousands were given forged documents. This war’s been over for years. But the Odessa’s grown, like a spider’s web. It stretches to many countries: Argentina, Egypt, Spain, Paraguay. And the centre is in Germany. Today. After the war, they set out to infiltrate every facet of life. Commerce, the judges, the lawyers, local government, even the police. That takes a lot of money, ja? Money? They have millions! The SS smuggled out most of their gold and art treasures, just before Germany collapsed. A large part lies in vaults under the pavements of Zürich, Switzerland. Oh yes, they have got plenty. Recognise these? The members of the Hamburg Police Department. Now spread the paper out. SS, SS, SS, SS, and those two, Odessa. Interesting, huh? There are thousands of these people at large. So what is so special about Roschmann?

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