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I think I messed up as well, I got kicked in the face by accident. OK, music. JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE: Like I Love You Not even an option. AUDIENCE LAUGHS So, eventually, we’re gonna have to find some people who dance, cos they can’t all not dance. AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Wow. Can I say? Can I say? The year that I had my first hit single, I bumped into Arlene Phillips, and she was, like, “I’m glad that you sing now.” ALL LAUGH AUDIENCE APPLAUDS Does she spit or does she ‘sawalho’, it’s Nadia Sawalha! AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS CHEERING DROWNS OUT FEARNE’S SPEECH Why don’t you just try and say, go on, try and say it. Nadia Sawal-balla-llal But, go on, try. AUDIENCE LAUGHS Try to say it properly. FEARNE: Focus. Nadia Sawalha-ball-in-a AUDIENCE LAUGHS Chris Cameron, can you say it? “Nadia Swahalia. LAUGHS Oh, gosh. That’s sounded like you’re having a piss. sighing Swahalia ALL LAUGH “I was. LAUGHS AUDIENCE LAUGHS You’ve been, you’ve been on Loose Women since . We’ve got a picture of you back in the day. I often get asked, erm, when I go on Loose Women which is me favourite Loose Woman and I always say you. Is it cos of my tits? LAUGHS You’ve got tits, which makes you a female AUDIENCE LAUGHS You’re not getting at the moment. Who said that? You’ve been waking up in the middle of the night. With my insomnia. Yeah, and you can’t get any , so you’ve been doing cleaning. And ualising yourself, whilst cleaning. Oh, God! I know what you’ve got. We have a picture of you. AUDIENCE LAUGHS Cleaning windows with your tits. ALL LAUGH Do you know what? I know him, I know him, I do. It’s Louis Walsh! LAUGHS AUDIENCE CHEERS AND APPLAUDS Let’s get the gossip from you, from The X Factor. Do you feel that you might win this year, or, or what Who do you think’s gonna win? I think I’ll have somebody in the final. Yes. I do, yeah. Yes. Exciting, innit? The X Factor. This year, yes. But you say that every year. I know I do, but, honestly, this This year I really think we’ve got some great people.

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