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but you forgot where you put your matches, and you’re Games LAUGHING Right? APPLAUSE I miss that shit, I love it, man. But enough about me. What’s new with you, baby? I met a boy. I have a boy with me. You got the boys, you got the girls. LAUGHS He’s different. He doesn’t drink. He’ll never hit me. That means he’s not ing you. RICHARD LAUGHING You’re right, he’s not. NINA: He takes care of me. I keep pushing him away though. Nina, you’re scared of something. I am. Clifton! CLIFTON: Yeah! Where are you? CLIFTON: Right here. Get me a studio. I want to record some music. Yeah. Yup. Hey, guys. MAN: Hey. MAN: Hi, Nina. BASS GUITAR STRUMMING Yeah. At the chart, yeah? Okay. It’s good to see you. It’s good to see you too. I hope it good to be seen. Thank you for coming. Yes, wanna start? MAN: Miss Simone. Need anything? No, I’m good. All right. Keep your eyes on me. Just watch me when we start and you’re gonna be all right. From the top. SLOW LATIN MUSIC VOCALIZING So, we’ll take it from the top. Nothing too big. Games over here. Okay, boys, how’s the sound in the booth? SOUND TECHNICIAN: Sounds great, Nina. Oh. Baby, it’s okay. You’re used to me already? Think that would be impossible. You were great tonight. It was fun. So much fun. Dance with me. What? You wouldn’t swim with me, dance with me. LAUGHING What, here? Why not? Okay. LAUGHING Okay. There’s no music. We heard music all day. Thank you for the dance. PHONE RINGING Hello? COUSIER: Hello, I’m looking for Nina Simone. Who’s this? COUSIER: This is Doctor Cousier. Is she there? She’s here, but she’s busy. Can she call you back? COUSIER: Well, she was supposed to call me back and did not. It’s important. Well, I take care of all of Nina’s affairs. You can talk to me. COUSIER: Okay, well, then there’s certain things you should know. NINA: I felt so good after recording. Why didn’t you tell me? Tell you what? That was your doctor on the phone. A doctor I didn’t know you had. You were supposed to come back in to start your ing treatment? It’s my life, Clifton. It always has been. If years of alcohol, drugs, and mental illness have not killed me, this won’t. What? I don’t get it. I have seen you go ballistic over your pasta not being al dente. LAUGHING Would it make you feel better if I did? I’m tired, Clifton. My pasta means more to me than this ing bullshit. But I do like your Central Park idea. SPEAKING FRENCH COUSIER: How are you? Good. So Games Can I travel? Where, and for how long? America for a week? A month? Nina, the situation is critical. You waited a long time to come in, too long. You need surgery, Nina, and you need it soon. Do you understand? Does it matter? Really? It matters to me. And it matters to the people who love you. COUSIER: Scalpel. SPEAKING FRENCH SPEAKING FRENCH Around here is a slight infection started from the IV, I just wanna watch it. No, it’s okay. We’ll watch it. Yeah, but it is infected. How do you know this? I’m a nurse. CLIFTON: We’ll get through this. You’re the strongest woman I know. INTERVIEWER: You are a strong voice in the fight against

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