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Thank you. Try, my friends To face yourself With all you have in store But if you can Then brace yourself Hold it. Hold it! And give Radio Cut the song? The show is a little long. Wait a minute. That’s the best piece of music in the show. Why don’t you take out one of Miss Lawson’s songs? She’s got five. Sweetheart, Miss Lawson is the star. The public pays to see her. But if you take that song out, I’ve got nothing but a few lines in the first act. I’m sorry, Neely. We have no alternative. Don’t listen to him, hon. He’s protecting Old Ironsides. This was her idea. She can’t stand the competition. Let’s skip the personalities? Don’t worry, honey. You’ve got a run-of-the-play contract. You mean they’d pay me bucks a week just to sit in my dressing room? They’ve got to, Miss O’Hara, if that’s the way you want it. Personally, I’d walk away with dignity. There’ll always be another show and a better part, providing you have talent. Talent? You know damn well she has talent. Believe me, Miss O’Hara, by next week every producer in town will be after you. It gives you stature to walk out on a Helen Lawson show. Honey, don’t listen to ’em. They want you to quit so they can save bucks a week. You better call your agent. I know her agent. I can tell you exactly what he’ll say. “Take whatever crumbs are offered.” He’s not about to give up his lousy %. If she were my client, I’d advise her to leave the show with dignity. Well, he’s not going to get his lousy % ’cause I won’t settle for crumbs. I’ll leave this stinking show Radio with dignity. You can call Helen Lawson. Tell her the SOB earned his oats. We could all use a little fresh air. Come on. I had such big plans. I was gonna be a big star. I was gonna take acting lessons and dancing lessons. Now I don’t even have a job. All I have is my dignity. Gee, honey, I’m sorry. That old witch ought to be boiled in oil. Thanks, Jen. Honey, listen. It’s a rotten business. I know. But I love it. That poor girl. And she was so good. I know. As soon as she signs a release, the song will go back in the show with the understudy. Listen, go back to the office. On my desk you’ll find a musical arrangement. See to it that Miss O’Hara gets it as soon as possible. Tell her to get up on the song fast, because she’s going to be singing it tonight. Suppose she won’t do it? I wouldn’t. Then make her. Four, five, six, seven, eight! Good. Ladies and gentlemen, one of the nice things about doing this telethon Radio I mean, in addition to raising money Radio is helping discover new talent. I think you’re going to love our next performer. Let’s have a nice, cordial reception, if you will. Lovely Neely O’Hara. Everybody, let’s hear it out there. Thank you very much. It’s impossible Tell you right now If I tried it, I’d ever know how Gee, lucky for me Far as I know, far as I see I’m the winner, boy I’d make a mess Baby, unless You’d say so It’s impossible It’s not my style If I tried it, I’d miss by a mile I’m not worth a dime Ain’t got the stuff Ain’t got the time I’m a loser I ain’t for success Baby, unless You say so If you’d say You’re right. It is an exciting business. Even though This rough world is a tough world Well, if you say “go to it,” baby, I’ll do it Could be possible How would I know? So I’ll try it and give it a go Hey, could be the day Baby, when I turn out okay Like a winner But luck won’t say yes Baby, unless You say so too If you say I can do things Lots of new things Even though This rough world is a tough world Well, if you say “go to it,” baby, I’ll do it Could be possible How would I know? So I’ll try it and give it a go Hey, could be the day Maybe when I turn out okay Like a winner But luck won’t say yes Baby, unless You say so too If you say “go to it,” I’ll do it I’ll do it for You How about that? Wait. Wait a minute. Where you going? You just keep singing. You’ll raise a lot of money for us. Tell Frank, Dean and Sam they’re gonna have to wait. Thank you. Dom Pérignon, . Fine. The closest I got to champagne was watching a lady break it over a battleship in newsreels. Welcome, folks. Hello, Frank. Lyon. Hello. Miss O’Hara. Hello. I caught the telethon. You’ll like Tony Polar. We’re doing great business with him. So I see. Excuse me. Frank. Hey, look. There’s Jennifer with one of her rich boyfriends. Boy, doesn’t she look great? She’s lovely. I bet a hundred beads pop out every time she moves. Vodka and tonic. Same for me. Make it two. Neely, I have some good news. You’re following Tony Polar in the club here. Lyon. Neely, how wonderful. But you’ll have to work fast, build yourself an act. Because I exaggerated a bit. I told Frank you already had one. I will, I will. Come live with me And be my love If only for A day Come live with me And see my love How fast it fades Away Love is the flower That lives for an hour Then withers and dies Where is the prize? Forgive me if I deride love But, darling, I tried love And so I say Come live with me For just a while Who cares if love Is long If love is brief As a song? Miriam’s not gonna like that. Who’s Miriam? His sister. Over there. She manages him. She does very well. He won’t make a move without her. He’s making one now. Come live With me Come live With Me Friend of yours? I don’t know. Never saw her before. But I’m going to see her again. Tony, how many times do I have to tell you? At night, all cats are gray. You worry too much. Neely, you ought to be ashamed of yourself. I haven’t snitched milk since I was a kid in Pittsburgh. There were six of us, and I never got enough. I can’t stop thinking about that audience tonight. You don’t know what it feels like, Mel, when they’re all applauding and yelling and whistling. They did whistle, didn’t they? Yeah, they sure did. I felt like they were all taking me in their arms and holding me. It’s like when you put your hands on me, only it was double-triple. This place is too small. I’m gonna get a bigger place. Maybe two rooms and a kitchenette. Mel, let’s get married. I-I thought you’d never ask. I’m not kidding. I’ll be making good money.

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