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Either one Radio two, three, four! d Punk ain’t no re igious cu t d d Punk means thinking for yourse f d d You ain’t hardcore ’cause you spike your hair d d When a jock sti ives inside your head d d Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, off! d d Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, off! d d If you’ve come to fight, get outta here d d You ain’t no better than the bouncers d d We ain’t trying to be po ice d d When you ape the cops, it ain’t anarchy d d Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, off! d d Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, off! d d Ten guys jump one, what a man d d You fight each other, the po ice state wins d d Stab your backs when you trash our ha s d d Trash a bank if you’ve got rea ba s d d You sti think swastikas ook coo d d The rea Nazis run your schoo s d d They’re coaches, businessmen, and cops d d In a rea fourth Reich, you’ be the first to go d d Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, off! d d Nazi punks, Nazi punks, Nazi punks, off! d d Don’t you know you’ be the first to go d d Un ess you think? d Crowd: off! Come on! Thank you. That was a cover. What shou d we do next? Sam: Coronary. Tiger: This one’s a treat. (punk music p ays) (c assica score p aying) (thrash meta music p aying) d Infi tration push reserves d d Encirc e the front ines d d Supreme art of strategy d d P aying on the minds d Sam: What happen to fire code? Yeah, sorry guys. We have to make room for the head iner. Cowcatcher, right? Big Justin: Yes. You gotta c ear out, okay? Here you are. Thank you. Big Justin: And it’s a there. And you guys fo ow me, okay? A right. I’ get you one more two iter for the road. Okay, come on. You a right with that? I’ be carefu. I understand. Aw,. My phone Radio Pat: What? My phone. I Radio I’ catch up with Radio I got you. Sam: Thanks. Excuse me, y’a. (phone vibrates) Oh. Can you ca the cops? Guitarist: that. Hey, stop! What the ? (Sam ye ps) I to d you to fo ow. No! Go, go, go! Uh, yeah. I Radio I Radio I guess I am. I don’t know. There’s been a Radio there’s been a stabbing! She Radio Whoa! Whoa! Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. (over apping chatter, ye ps) Goddamn it! They didn’t ock the door. You didn’t ock the door! No! Don’t ta k and don’t touch them! Stay put! It’s fine. What the happened? Just give me a minute! Something terrib e. Stay with them. d Be dead, friend from above d d When darkness fa s d d Descend into my sights d d Your fa en wa s d Okay. Sam: Oh, ! It’s okay. Don’t worry, don’t worry. Get back inside. (phone rings) What the is going on? Gabe: Up. In the room. Hey! Go! Go! Up the stairs. It’s okay. et’s go. Just go. Come on, guys. Tiger:. Gabe: It’s okay. (ringing continues) Oh, what the , man? Gabe: It’s okay. It’s fine. Turn that PA down. You didn’t ock the door. You were right there! Big Justin: Unti I wasn’t! Gabe: Quiet! He o? Woman: This is emergency services. Yeah, we got cut off. I was ca ing to report a stabbing. (breathes heavi y) (mumb ing) Gabe: Yes. Yes, ma’am. (door opens) Did you ca Darcy? He’s on his way. He knows about that Radio not this. You can’t keep us here, man. You gotta et us go. Gabe: We’re not keeping you. You’re just staying. You’re up. What the is that suppos to mean? Just re ax! Everyone, just re ax. Cops are coming. (door c oses) See how easy that is? Motherer! ook what you did! Amber, chi the out! Yes. P ease. (Amber sobs) (door opens) Darcy here? Not yet. I ne $ cash. You just sign out $. Somebody’s dead. Sti gotta keep the books. What e se do you need? A true be iever. How ’bout two? Maybe she’s not dead. (scoffs) Sam: I’m just saying. ike, there’s not a ot of b ood. You know, so, ike, maybe she’s just Radio and who are we to say that she’s Radio (body thumps) Sam: Oh, ! (a groan and gasp) Big Justin: Come on, man. What are you doing? (grunts) (shudders) Tiger: The , man? There it is. Oh, my God. Reece: We gotta go. We gotta go right now. Now we didn’t see. We Radio we Radio we were so drunk. A right, just wait, okay? Cops are on the way. Gabe: Above and beyond, gent emen. You ne me to do it? Twin Nope. Won’t even be the first time. (siren wai s) Hurry up. Twin Go. (both twins grunt) A right, that’s it. Okay, et me see it. The knife. It’s an inch too short for fe ony possession, so you don’t have to worry about the Radio Actua y, give me that money back. Twin What? It’s ike vouchers and. We’ ho d it for you. Come on. If you do any time, we’ doub e it. Now ta k to ’em. You the victim? Twin Yes, officer. Officer: Knee down. Both of you, ank es crossed. Gabe: That’s the owner. I ca him too. Darcy: A right, et’s give them some room to work, fo ks. Are you the owner? Darcy: Yes, ma’am. (knocking) Cowcatcher, c ear out. Hey, where are the cops? Gabe: Get your stuff, man. Tiger: What about us? Amber: What are you doing? We’re sorting it out. Just hang tight, Amber. Your set was pretty good. What? What was the name of your second to ast song? Uh Radio To Radio Toxic Evo ution. It’s hard, man. That’s the one I did her to. (breathes heavi y) A right, he’s got six bu ets Radio For rea ? Radio if we a go at once Radio Tiger: Guys, ho d off a sec. For what? Sam: We haven’t done anything! It doesn’t matter. Okay. They’re ca cartridges. The bu et is the part that enters your brain if you keep ta king. And this gun on y has five cartridges, not six, ’cause they’re big as and on y five fit the cy inder. So, p ease shut the up and don’t test me. Reece, you’re making it worse. We sit and we wait. And we die? Not if you sit and you wait. It’s just the one to at and then mine was at :. You ca ed? ca back and I answered. Be c ear.

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