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He won’t come there again tonight. What did you say your name was? Lewis? No. That was my father’s name. Maria is my first name. At home I was always called Joy. Joy? Yes. But I haven’t had much joy since I was married. Oh, but I want it. I want joy and happiness. Things will look brighter tomorrow. No .. I’ve waited for year for things to look brighter tomorrow. I’m afraid you’re very tired. I am. And I’ve had nothing since morning. Haven’t you? Well. Why, neither have I. Nothing to eat since morning? Why .. you poor thing. Why, you’ve all sorts of things here. ─ Would you like something? No thank you. And wine. ─ Have a glass of wine. Oh yes, I love wine. Oh. Oh but I don’t think I should have had it. I’ve had nothing to eat. In that case I believe it goes straight to the head. Aren’t you going to have one? ─ Yes, I’m going to have one. Here is wishing that joy .. May come back into your life. Do you know what it is to be lonely? I do. I’ve been very lonely sometimes. I believe you are lonely now. Have you nobody here to talk to? Nobody. But you. And that is why I am going to send you away. But first of all, how much money do you need? I’m afraid I ought not to have come to you. Well, I want you to understand. The Treasury doesn’t give money to individuals. I’m not a rich man but I’m very sorry for you. And I’m going to let you have .. Fifty dollars out of my own purse. Oh, thank you. But you must regard it as a personal loan. It had nothing to do with the treasury. You are certainly very good to me. And now .. Oh .. I see .. You don’t think it’s right my being here. Well .. ─ I’ll go. Have you far to go? ─ Oh no. It’s quite close. I .. Why .. I don’t know what’s come over me. I feel so faint. Have some water. Drink this. It must have been the wine. Feel my face. How it’s burning. But you’re feeling better, aren’t you? ─ Yes. Yes. Just let me stay a moment. There. Now I’ll go. You’re very trusting. Not always .. but I’m human. I think I’d better see you to your door. Oh, will you? Chilly, isn’t it. ─ Yes, the night air. Here. Put this round you. Oh .. One of yours? Yes .. it’s very big for you. It’s very cosy. May I take your arm? This is where I live. On the second floor. Goodbye. ─ Goodbye. You’re feeling much better, aren’t you? ─ Oh yes. I’ll wait until you’re safely in. Thank you. It is wonderful to have been with someone who was kind to me. Goodnight. ─ Goodnight. Goodnight. Goodnight. Oh, I have your cloak. You got in, Reynolds. ─ Yes, I managed it. I look quite the gentleman, don’t I. There is Hamilton now. Finishing his minuet. Do your job. Make him dance to another tune. Molly, I feel like a bride tonight, with everyone giving me such attention. I wish I could be what you would call .. the best man. To have the honor of kissing the bride. Mrs Bingham, your party is the success of the season. But oh dear me. I must give up these violent dances. Father, you know you love to hold the ladies’ hands. If Lady Washington would do me the honor. This is the first time that I have ever been to a dance without my husband.

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