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The best shit, the only pilot I know. Are you nuts? Put that away before you get me in trouble. Seriously. Nice work, coz. Ooof, careful. Somebody’s been hitting the gym. Uh, Sara? There you are, hey! Uh, here, I’ll get these for you. Sal, take note. Ha ha ha. Hey, man, Cory. This is my cousin. I told you about him, right? Sure, hi. Hey, Bruce. And you know Mel, Sal. Smile. Okay, are we all set? Yeah, come on. Just waiting on you, sweetcheeks. Such a gentleman, isn’t he? He’s charming. Bags? Yes, bags bags bags. Hey, bags. Really, man? Yeah, I need some help. Come on. You okay? Yeah no, I’m fine, I’m fine. What do you have in this thing? Honestly? Let’s go! Is the weather gonna be a problem? For flying? Yeah. It’s a low cloud. It’ll burn off any minute. Hey! Just relax, okay? Let me do my thing. Okay. Hey, so, Sara, the general’s cool with this all, right? Cool with what? Being the whole sky captain thing. I mean, it didn’t really work out too well for your mom, so Could you be any more insensitive? Relax. Look, no offense, Sara. I’m just you know. None taken. I’m not my mother. And he’s a colonel. Let’s just go have some fun, okay? Yeah. Remind me why I’m dating you again. That’s it? What were you expecting, a private jet? For the money we’re paying, I half expected John Travolta to walk out. Fuel isn’t cheap. We’re already getting a discount through the flight school, so stop! Yeah, come on live a little. So how much you think one of these little puddle jumpers costs anyways? If the music thing works out, I’ll send you a brochure. If the music thing works out? Sorry, when the music thing works out. Yeah, when the music thing works out. Yeah. All right, pilot. Okay, baggage goes in the rear. That means everything you don’t want to carry on your laps. All right, I’m going in the rear. You’ve always got a lot of baggage. Coming in! I should go talk to him. I’ll be right back. Oh yeah, get Rain Man. Hey, be nice! I’m super nice. Get your booty in there. God, Sal! Oh wow. Um, we’re gonna get really friendly.

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