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Quit looking! So listen, why do all Puerto Ricans in Washington Heights throw out their trash in clear plastic bags? Why? So all the Dominicans can go window shopping. That’s good. Okay, my turn. What do you say to a Puerto Rican in a three piece suit? What? May the defendant please rise. Oh, that’s messed up. But in the middle of in’ him, Luis said he was a painter. What’s a painter? A painter. A painter. A painter, Sally, is a guy who, who’s getting ed. Hey, you see that kid over there? What about him? He’s cute, right? So, I’m sayin’, if I want to get his number, what’s wrong with that? Shouldn’t I be able to? Ew! That’s gross and disgusting and sick! Tell me more. Listen, Elliot, I don’t want to be married. Last night you said you loved me. Now that’s crazy because I’ve only known you for three weeks. You don’t know anything about me. So what you want is not what I want. Yes, it is. No it isn’t. Look, I’m only . I don’t want to be married. Damn, why you gotta go everything up? You know what, I’ll see you around. I’ll see you at work later. , , , . Elliot? What’s up? What are you doing here? I just thought I’d check up on you, you know, see how you was doin’. Fine. You know, just seein’ if you needed help or anything. Hector, you can’t help me. What a in’ asshole, I can’t believe that . Why are you kissing my boyfriend, huh? It’s the same in’ thing day in and day in. Yes it is. This one is different. I don’t give a . Now, I’m tellin’ you. What you’re tellin’ me. Shut up, shut the up. Mom! Goddamn it, you in’ . What? You don’t ing hear me? Came on, El. Kiko, who’s this, man? What are you doin’? Get the off me, you prick. Why couldn’t you call me back? What? Why couldn’t you call me back, Kiko? Take your keys. I ain’t comin’ back, you stupid in’ . Danny, where are you going? you! Sorry Elliot, I don’t love you. Yo, what’s goin’ on, man? Ma, are you alright? Come on, man, what’s goin’ on? Ma, did he hurt you? Shut up, Elliot. What the is wrong with you? Here. Aye, Elliot, please! Well, you gotta put something on it. Get the outta here! I don’t need your help. Just leave me alone. Go to bed. Why do you always gotta make things worse, huh? Why do you gotta be that way? You’re just upset, so I’m not gonna listen to you. Then go to bed! Alright Ma, I’m tired now, so I’m gonna put the ice pack on the ash tray, so it doesn’t melt all over the place. I said I’m gonna put the ice pack on the ash– I heard you! Alright Ma, well, I gotta get to bed now ’cause, you know, I gotta wake up for school and stuff. Goodnight Elliot, goodnight. “You loved to draw.” I’ve never seen that. Wow, you’re crazy, you’re so crazy. You’re just happy because Danny’s gone. What’s this? Leave it. I wanna see. Go on, you’re so nosy, dame. Aw, that ain’t fair. That is not fair. Don’t talk like me, you’re smarter than that. You is not bein’ fair. That’s right, I’m not. Now go make yourself useful and go turn on Wheel of Fortune before we miss the first puzzle. Elliot, are you up? No. Come on, come on, wake up! It’s o’clock, what is it? Come on. What? Look. For your show and tell at school. What, did you think I forgot? What am I, a bad mother? I remembered. Ma. These are my dresses. When I was growing up, my father always made sure that I had the most beautiful dresses. And I remember them exactly. Every summer at our house in Santo Domingo, we would have these parties for all the children, you know, like little dances and stuff, and my father, he always made sure that I had a new, beautiful dress, so I never had to wear the same dress twice. And all the boys, they wanted to dance with me because I had the prettiest dresses. Everybody was jealous of me. Growing up I must’ve had like of them because my father, he spoiled me so bad and these are my favorite ones. These are beautiful. They could be in a museum. Stop it! Don’t be stupid Okay. Alright, back to bed. For once, I’m gonna get you up on time. I’m sorry, sorry for so many things. What? Do you want me to lay down with you? I’ll lay down with you just for a little bit until you fall asleep. Sometimes I wish I could just fly away. Don’t worry Mom, I’ll take care of you. Ma, tell me about my father. Oh, Elliot, it’s so late. I’ll tell you tomorrow night. No, tell me now! Okay, go ahead. Well, your father was so kind to me. El, he was so kind. And he was so handsome too, just like you. And all of the girls, they wanted to date him. Well, thank you so much Tara, that was so interesting and I can’t believe your mother and you change her outfit every season and you kept the original box. I think that’s a wonderful lesson in responsibility. Thanks so much, honey. Hey, is that your father’s, David? Yeah. Yeah, are you gonna have a story for us about that? I bet your father wanted to be a football player when he was your age. Am I right? Yeah. Yeah. I see David isn’t the only one with a special football today. Actually, I see a lot of sports paraphernalia here. Does anybody know what that means? That’s okay. We’re gonna keep you in suspense of what they are ’til we see who’s next and it’s you Elliot. Well, come on. What seems to be the trouble, Elliot. I forgot that we were doing show and tell today, so I didn’t bring nothin’. You forgot? Girls. You forgot? Class, haven’t I been reminding you all for a week? Yes. Forgetting is no excuse, Elliot. You get a zero for the day. Sorry. No, don’t apologize to me, honey. Apologize to the rest of the class for wasting their time. Sorry. I’m sorry Elliot. Alright, who’s next? Alice Banks, come on down. Ma, Ma! What’s up, poquito? The drawings! How did it go? Let me tell ya, let me tell ya. Everybody thought they was great and they thought they was beautiful. Stop it, don’t you lie to me! I am not. Wow! Did you get anything? Uh-huh, I got a prize. No! Uh-huh, I got a medal! Wow! You gotta bring it home, you gotta share it with me. I know, I know. Wow. You should hang up the drawings. Well, they’re not all good, just one of them. Okay, can I pick it? Yeah, yeah, sure. Show me which one is your favorite. This one. That one? No, no, no pick another one. Okay then, this one! That one? Mm-hm, I like that one, Ma. Well, okay, what about this one? What’s wrong with this one? Nothin’ Ma, I love them all. You said pick my favorite. Okay, well I like this one. Okay. Okay. Alright, give me that. Perfect. Okay, thank you, papi. I’m so proud of you, Ma. Are you happy? Yes, I cannot believe it. I’m so excited. Danny! What’s goin’ on? You’re not gonna believe it, Elliot and I, we won a prize. We got a medal from his school, from my drawings. Oh yeah? You did this? Yes. Elliot, Danny’s gonna be here now for good. And guess what? We’re going on a trip. We’re gonna go on a vacation like a normal family. And it wasn’t just me that missed you, Elliot missed you too. Go ahead, Elliot, say hi. Listen, let me get back to my mom’s, get my stuff together. You’ll be back? Tomorrow afternoon. I’ll get my stuff, come by then. Okay, great because I’m off tomorrow. See you manana, Elliot. Oh, you don’t have to be nervous, I just wanted to have a chat with you before your mother came to pick you up. How is everything

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