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Obviously she got lost. We’re all part of God’s flock, Brother Marinus, and sometimes we stray. No big deal. I will report this to the Brother Superior. Yes, you do that by all means, Brother Marinus. This is a holy place. Ah, Brother Marinus. What a delight to see you. That woman was wandering around in the catacombs. After your Father John escorted her out I made my rounds and discovered that the lower chamber has been tampered with. The Vatican icon that seals the evil is missing. You’re not digging up that old superstition about a demon sealed in the catacombs, are you? It is documented in the ancient books. It’s just a lot of glorified scribbling by a group of second-rate Inquisition players. There is nothing that compels me to believe it really happened. I believe it. That’s because by nature you are Games I won’t say it. According to the writings, if the evil is released in the lower chambers, he will then attempt to reach the last vestige of containment. Catacomb chapel. The holy monstrance. I read the book, Brother Marinus. We all have. I just choose to believe it is more fiction than fact. But you protest it to be fact only. I believe what is written. Yes. That seems to be the problem. That woman brings evil. At this abbey. That’s preposterous. You know, Brother Marinus, we put up with your severity much of the time because it basically does no harm. But this Games Elizabeth is a th grade school teacher from a poor Catholic parish, for God’s sake. There is something else that concerns me. There is an air of anxiety among the brothers. A sense of growing fear. There I agree with you, Brother Marinus. The brothers are upset. But I don’t think it has to do with our visitor. I think it’s you whipping them up into a nervous, unnecessary frenzy. Nevertheless I will speak to the brothers individually. What about the woman? What about her? She should be told to leave. I think you should leave. Before I lose my composure and say more than I already have. How are you feeling today, Brother Terrell? Lousy. Shall I read to you? No, just talk to me. Alright. What did you want to talk about? . And what aspect of that subject did you have in mind? Having it or not. Is that a question? It’s a regret. When I was years old Games there was this girl Games named Dolores. She was a year older than I, but Games far from more worldly. I don’t know why but she decided to discuss what it was like to have . I guess she wanted to try it. To talk me out of my vocation. She was such a lovely creature. Dolores. All my life I was haunted by what she said. She described as a state of euphoria. We become one undulating connected body with the other person. One body, one mind, one soul. And heat and flesh and goodness. It sounded as religious as anything I ever felt. Then, or since. What a shame to have missed out on that. I don’t know if I ever really had that experience with God. Now that I’m dying Games I can confess that maybe when I die Games I’ll have great with God. What I really wish Games What I really wish is that I had with Dolores. I thought you might be hungry. Thank you. Come in. You didn’t have to do this. Actually, I did. Otherwise you’d starve. I am hungry. Would you like some? No thanks. Are you sure? I’m sure. I’m gonna let you eat. No, no, stay. Brother Orsini tells me that you’re a teacher. That’s right. Saint Genevieve. Sixth grade art and history. You enjoy your work? I love it. It’s all I ever wanted to do. That’s good. Everyone should feel that passionate about their work. What is it that you like about it so much? My kids are great. They’re so eager to learn. It makes me feel good that they need me. That they enjoy coming to my classes, and that I have something to offer them. It’s just very rewarding. Count your blessings, Elizabeth. You’re really very lucky. I’m gonna let you Games Lousy food. Good night. Good night. Thank you for the dinner. That man will be the death of me yet. Him and all his superstitious nonsense. Enter. Something terrible has happened. I knew it. Enter. Tea time, Brother Marinus. What do you mean? Well, I Games I brought you some tea. Why? Well, I thought you might like it. I always brought Brother Orsini some tea at this time of day. I don’t particularly care for tea. It seems a luxury ill-suited to our calling. Forgive me, Brother Marinus, I Games I just thought you might like to respect the same traditions as Brother Superior. I Games am the Brother Superior now. And things will be different under my leadership. You may go now. I am the Brother Superior now. Antonia? Antonia. What’d she say? Come on. No, what’d she say? Well, it’s difficult to translate. Something about one of us being touched by the Devil. And the other one dying. But it’s just a superstition. Come on. Forgive me, Lord, for what I am now about to do. The Lord guard me from the hands of the wicked. Rescue me, Lord, from evil men. From the violent keep me safe. From those who plan evil in their hearts, and stir up strife every day, who sharpen their tongue like an adder’s. With the poison of vipers on their lips.

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