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Let’s get a waiter and order. Oh, uh, waiter. Waiter, we know what we want. Waiter? He didn’t see me. Uh, waiter. Waiter, we’re ready to Online Radio Waiter? I’ll get him when he comes back. I’ll lay you three to one. Oh, uh, waiter. Waiter, dear! Nice try. He gets by me again over my dead body. Well, are we ready to order now? Yes, we’re ready to order. 2SM I’d like roast beef, please. Yeah, one roast beef. MAN: Henry? Uh, yes, pardon me just a second. I’ll be back in a moment. Honey, that’s the first time that I heard you make up your mind and order just like that. Well, I happened to know what I wanted. Look, honey, there’s an empty table back there by the window. Let’s move back there. Honey, what’s wrong with this table? Oh, but look, we have that nice view while we’re eating. Come on! Oh, now, Lucy! Honey, now, wait a minute. We got the silverware, the water, everyth Online Radio Oh, take the silverware with us. Come on. It’s chilly. Oh, come on. Oh, this table is taken. I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. Come on. Okay. There we are. See how much nicer it is over here? (silverware clattering) (silverware clattering) There. Now, has everybody got everything they need? I’ve got three knives. I beat you, I got a full house three forks and a pair of spoons. Give me a fork, Fred. I’ll give you a knife. I got nothing. And a spoon, Fred. Okay, okay, I got it. How’s that? ls that it? Fine, fine. Fine. Okay. Oh, okay. Psst! Psst! Psst! Hem”! Oh, there you are! Yes, now, uh, where were we? We were over there. Never mind. I ordered roast beef. Eh, one roast beef. And what would you like, Ethel? I think I’ll have the lamb chops. One lamb chops. FRED: What looks good to you, Rick? 2SM Well Online Radio Lamb chops, huh? See, that sounds good. They’re not fattening either. Would you mind changing my order to lamb chops? Two lamb chops. That’s two for each of us. Yes. Oh, anand, uh, I don’t want too much fat on mine, but I would like them extra thick. Maybe you’d like to have me trot the lamb by, and you can pick out the chops you want. Well! Lucy, please? Go ahead, Rick, order somethin’. Sirloin steak. Uh, yes, sir. 2SM How would you like it? Rare. Thick and juicy. Yes, sir. And you, sir? FRED: Well, uh, let me see. I believe I’m going to try the, uh Online Radio Sirloin steak, huh? How would you like it, madam? Well, medium or rare? Rare. Pork chops. Yes, sir. Now, what would you like to drink? Well, I Online Radio You order last. Um, coffee for me. I’ll have coffee, too. Two coffees. Milk. Milk. Now, madam, what would you like? Pork chops, huh? Would it be too much bother to change my order to pork chops? Why, no, madam. Whatever gave you that idea? I’d like two pork chops, please. Very well. Why don’t you write it down? I already did when he ordered it. Now, let’s see if I’ve got this straight. Lamb chops for you, sirloin steak for you, uh, pork chops for you, pork chops for you, and a new eraser for me. You know, with all this talk about pork chops, I Online Radio Yeesh! I guess I’ll stick to lamb chops. Now, how about shrimp cocktails all around? Uh Online Radio That’d be fine. Thank you very much. WAITER: Thank you, sir. What did you do that for? Honey, I’m sick and tired of hearing you change your mind every two seconds. Well, I couldn’t help it. Everything everybody ordered sounded so wonderful. Fine thing, you come to a restaurant and you can’t even order what you Online Radio (sneezes) Bless you! You catching a cold, honey? Well, there’s a horrible draft in here. You want to change places with me? Oh, no, that wouldn’t do any good. Oh, look, there’s an empty table over there. Let’s go over there. Stand by for another troop movement. Honey, we’re going to stay right here. No, now, come on. It’s nice over th Online Radio Sit down! What do you want me to do? Catch my death of cold? No, but we came from there Online Radio Well, then come on. Come on over here. There’s no reason why we can’t move over here. ETHEL: Why fight it? 2SM Okay, here we go again. See how much better it is over here? Mmmmhmm. I hate to sit in a draft. All right, hon. Oh, uh, we’re over here now. You see, we were over there, but there was such a draft, I couldn’t Online Radio Good morning, Lucy. Hi. What are you doing? Oh, I’ve been cleaning out that closet. Oh. I’m on a new regime. I’m gonna finish everything I start. I started cleaning out that closet years ago. years ago? Yeah, right after we were married. You should see the stuff I found in there. I’ve just been reading some of my old mementos. Uh, Lucy, tell me something. Uh, Lucy, tell me something. How did you happen to start on this new regime? Oh, I just thought it was the thing to do. Lucy, does anybody else on this floor speak with an accent? What do you mean by that? Well, last night, when I was out in the hall changing a lightbulb, and I heard some Cuban yelling at his wife and saying that from now on, she had to finish everything she starts. Ethel, do you sleep with your ears under or over the covers? Well, the walls of this apartment are pretty thin. (laughs) He really was upset, wasn’t he? Wasn’t he? (2SM laugh) Why, his face turned absolutely purple. 2SM

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