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They want the best. How about that? Still tough shit. I don’t work for anybody. I’m an independent contractor. Yeah. Like you used to be. Yeah, they’re well aware of your free agency. Well Thank you for the drinks. I’m leaving. You want to hear me out? No, I don’t. Say hi to Jasmin. Wetzler’s offering a million a day. One million. That is a suspiciously high number, even for him. Yeah, well, the job comes with a mop. Somebody else ed it up. How high are you authorized to go? One point five. And you take your usual cut. You know what? I don’t do this for laughs no more, buddy. Shit. You get that offer doubled and I’m in. There you go. There he is. There’s your target. His name’s Keith zera. He’s years old. He’s one of their own? He was. He’s now scheduled to testify on camera for a u.N. Investigation. Against red mountain? For what? See, I just got you two million reasons a day why the answer to that question doesn’t matter. Now here’s what matters. Yesterday while in transit across the Namibian border, an attempt was made on his life. And now interpol, they’ve hidden him off grid. They’re sending somebody to take his deposition in the field, but the location’s unknown. When’s that going to happen? Sometime Friday afternoon. So I got hours to find this whistle-blowing do-gooder somewhere in Africa, and terminate him. There you go. What went wrong the first time? Red mountain used local militia, tried to make it look like a kidnapping gone wrong. Numb nuts. stupid. You see, they underestimated one element of his protection team. Her name’s lin bisset. Now, she’s the last person seen with him And the reason he’s still breathing. Interpol? Mother of one? Yeah. Yeah. I don’t worry about that part. It’s starting to feel kind of ugly, Jim. Yeah, well, they’re all ugly. $ billion corporation involved. Half the U.S. senate is beholden to red mountain. I know. I know. I know. It’s bullshit. But they want him taken out. Keep reading, pal. We’re wheels up in . How did you do it? I fell at work. You know how clumsy I can be.

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