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You bastard! Stop, stop. Calm down. Calm down. Stop. There’s more, Julia. Scylla had an inside man, who had access to confidential security documents. You understand what that means? No, I don’t understand. Someone who knew de Méziéres. Who knew Galley. Who knew your mother. Someone you know. No, I can’t. You’re the only one who can find out. I don’t have the strength. What are you doing here? I’m smoking again. So what? What’s that? De Méziéres, with Frank Scylla. Philippe’s your closest friend. Did you know he was suspected of having an enemy executed? The victim’s autopsy found an overdose of prescription meds. No one ever proved a thing. She figured it out? Mom. She knew you were supplying the security plans? You told them she had diabetes, so they could make it seem accidental. How could you believe that? I’m calling the cops. Tell them what you know. Don’t. I’ll tell you all I know, but don’t call. You know I can’t face prison. I couldn’t believe it. You killed her. No! That’s not true. It’s not true. Your mother found the plans, I got scared. Hold Philippe. He said, “OK, I’ll take care of it.” I was relieved. I thought he’d find some solution. Then Scylla killed her. He killed her. I didn’t want that. I swear I didn’t. Julia, we must obey them. If they know I told you, I’m a dead man. Have a seat. No one wants to do you harm. But you must tell us everything you know. Is that crystal clear? The exchange is in days, in Luxembourg. I don’t know where. I’m to wait near Jacob Tower, with an expert to certify it’s the real diamond. The buyer will pick me up and escort me. You know the buyer? A Russian. Alexander Grenienko. I got him interested in precious stones. He wants me with him. Scylla and De Méziéres? They’re coming with the diamond? Yes, they’re there already. But I don’t know what their plan is. I swear, that’s all I know. The expert! Who is the expert?! Eleanor Gretel, a Dutchwoman. Do Scylla and de Méziéres know her? Call her, tell her it’s off. Hi. Hi, Julia. Come into my office. I need your expertise. There you are. Thanks. Let’s see. See, I raised the stand to allow us to hide the copy. You’ll have to switch them out. That’s tricky. Watch how it’s done. It must go fast, like you’re adjusting its position. Go ahead, try. She can’t do this. I can’t. Go ahead. Be careful when you’re with them. Hello, Alexander. This is Eleanor Gretel. A bank. The exchange is in a bank. You believe that? The Russian had the money in a safe deposit. If all goes well, they leave the diamond. They go in clean, come out clean. Check it out? This way. You can setup here. Mr. Grenienko. Hello. Hello, Philippe. That’s the original. I haven’t left that stone since we got it. Let us out. It’s over. Mr. Grenienko, wait. I don’t know what happened Games This is incredible. Julia was showing a copy. You didn’t know? Would I have said nothing? Could I bum one? I forgot mine. I’m smoking again. After years. Even if Julia says Games Julia? Is it in there? Stop! Stop. It wasn’t her, I planned it. I’ll give you the diamond. Here. Julia’s in trouble. Please. Try to get out. Run, Julia! Run! Let’s go! There’ll be cops all over! Let her go. Hands up. Stand up. Up. Police! Drop the weapon! On the ground! Not a move! Verdicts for the Florentin gang handed down today. The jury agreed with prosecutors. Ex-ambassador Philippe de Méziéres gets years for racketeering and felony assault. Frank Scylla and Omar Reyes get life in prison. The surprise was for Simon Carrera, who faces only years in prison, thanks to Julia Neuville’s moving testimony. On the scene, BFM TV reporter Yann Antony-Noghes Games Frisette! YEARS LATER Makes you look like a cop. That a problem? What’s up? Nothing. Nothing’s up. Come on, Albert. Tell me. You don’t care what’s up for me. Albert, I know you. Come on. L a job. This a joke? This is dynamite. But we got to act fast. Simon, I’m broke! You’re making me crazy. Stop the car! Enough! Let me off here! There’s large in the trunk. This tout is the real deal. Employees only Oh, excuse me. Sorry to bother you. I had son of a wild night, you know how it is. I was going to the bathroom. I’m in the hallway. The door slams behind me. What room? . Are you trying to tell me that my daughter is already dead? If we make direct contact with her Games there is a good chance she has passed. How long ago did she vanish? Three weeks. Throughout this session Games it is imperative that we do not break the circle. If we do indeed make contact with her Games only one of us shall speak at a time. You must ask questions with a yes or no for an answer. One tap for no Games and two taps for yes, understood? Yes. Let us join hands. Foul spirits be warned. Thou shall be banished if ye approach this circle. We only wish to contact whom we ask. You have been warned by all that is good and pure. Please open your eyes and place your fingertips on the table. Elena Tolwood. Dearest Elena Games we call out to you. Are you present with us? Elena, we only wish to ask you a few questions. Would you like to join us? Elena, sweetie Games don’t be afraid! This is ridiculous. PIANO NOTE PLAYS No. Elena, was that you, dear? Elena, it’s Mommy! Was that you on the piano? TWO PIANO NOTES PLAY ANNA Yes. Good job, Elena! This is a safe place. Please join us at this table. Elena, are you okay? LOUD RUMBLE No. Irwin. Elena. Did someone hurt you? TABLE RUMBLES TWICE Yes. Who hurt my baby? Elena, did someone kill you? TABLE RUMBLES TWICE Yes. This is an utter outrage! Do not break this sacred circle! Irwin, stop it! She’s a fraud, a complete fraud! The piano and the table are rigged! Agh! Madame? Madame? NECK CRUNCHING MAYBELL Oh, my god! Oh, no! ELENA’S VOICE Help me, Daddy. It hurts. I’ll kill you! Irwin! Oh, god! DEMONIC VOICE Your little girl is ours! You evil bitch! Tainted by the devil! NECK CRUNCHING What have we done? Daisy Daisy give me your answer do What in God’s name– I’m half crazy all for the love of you SCREAMING She warned you not to break the circle, fool! Maybell! SCREAMING FLESH TEARING Daisy Daisy EERIE MUSIC PLAYING

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