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Online 2YYY Radio 92.3FM internet Australia Listen Live Radios Quality and uninterrupted publication.

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I do a lot of traveling for work internationally. I’m trying to learn a little bit as I go. Obviously I need to learn more. You have a nice flight too. I’m going to need another beer. Here you go. Thank you. No, no, no. off, man. What’d you say? I said that’s my girlfriend’s seat. Christopher. I’m sorry. St. Christopher. Eleven letters. Nicely done. Thank you. My son’s name. Really? What happened? You miss your flight? Canceled. : P.M. tomorrow. Damn. I thought I had it bad. Got about / hours to kill. I know a much better restaurant than this. Can I take you out to dinner? All right. Let’s settle up here. What happened to your hand? A work accident. A work accident? That sounds suspicious. What do you do? What do you do? I think I’m starting to like you, so I don’t want to answer that. So you’re a stripper. No. No, no. Let’s just say that, um My company tries to convince people to buy things by persuading them they can’t live without them. And is that what you’re doing right now? Trying to convince me to buy? I don’t think of myself as a product, and I certainly don’t think of you as a customer. Don’t you have someone back home? I did. I lost my wife and son a year ago this week. Hey, Jim. Yeah, I got the target location. Hey, salesman! Let me call you back. I was just leaving you a message. Shut up! On your knees. All right, lin, put the gun down. Everything’s all right Knees! Now! All right yes, yes, yes! Now! I miss you, daddy. When are you coming home? You’re welcome, asshole. Love you, pal. I’m sorry. We have a heartbeat. Help me! What’s his name? Do you want him back or not? What’s his name? Travis. Travis. Travis. My name is Helen. I’m a doctor. Just follow the sound of my voice. Just stay here with me. It’s all going to be okay. His pulse is stabilizing. Just stay here with me, Travis. There we go. You’re doing well. Hey, man. What the hell’s going on? The interpol agent She shot you. Do you remember? She killed you. And we just brought you back from the abyss, my friend. That’s impossible. Well, it’s not, actually.

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