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Are you mad at me? No, just walk normal, please. I’m walking normal. No, you’re not. Don’t put it there, Isaac. Okay. And it’s gone. Hi. Merry Christmas. Are you giving birth to piss? Oh, my God. I’m just trying not to Online Radio my pants. You should. 3AW I should? You should just do it. Why not? I should just drop a deuce in my shorts. Just do it! That’s great. Two more assholes that don’t give a Online Radio about Christmas. What? What are you guys doing? Santa pub crawl, bro! Guys, Santa Claus is a very meaningful thing to a lot of people. A lot of children. Here’s the thing, man. For those kids, they’re living a Online Radio ing lie! Yeah. Spoiler alert: Santa’s not real, you pricky infant. This is a costume! But when you put on that costume and you portray Santa Claus Online Radio you’re taking a solemn oath to represent certain values Online Radio that it represents! You know who you remind me of? One of my angry elves. Online Radio! No. Look, don’t call me an elf. I think you got him with that one, Santa. Online Radio you, “don’t call me an elf!” MotherOnline Radioer! Get back to the workshop! You work for us, elf! Go back to the workshop, elf! Hahaha. This little elf has no friends on Christmas. My friends are just down there. 3AW Where are they? We’re friends. We even dressed the same Online Radio but you, you’re all alone, just like a Online Radio ing dumdum. Oh, my God. Are you gonna cry? Aw. Did Mommy and Daddy leave you alone on Christmas? Oh, Online Radio! That’s for disrespecting the spirit of Christmas! Oh, Online Radio. Whoa, whoa, whoa. Online Radio you! Man, this really feels like it’s about something else here. It’s about this and only this! Nothing else! I think you’re sublimating, man. I do not wanna hurt you, man. No, no, no. I wanna hurt him. He suckerpunched me. You Online Radio ing frat boys. I’m an orthopedic surgeon. I teach third grade, Online Radio! 3AW I shape our nation’s youth! What is with this holiday? It just Online Radios with people’s heads. This needs to be important to you. It’s ringing. Okay. Hey. Hey! Hi! Uh, does Isaac have Sarah’s phone by any chance? Yeah, he has it. He has it. Thank God. So relax. There is some very sensitive information on there. It’s incredibly sensitive. Wow, what’s on the phone? You don’t need to know. How’s the party, huh? Is it as dumb as you thought it’d be? Actually, it’s kind of amazing. It’s really fun Online Radio and you should get here. Quickly. What? Huh? Really? You want me to come there? To see you? That’s what I’m saying. Come on! Do you like him again? Can we not have that conversation Online Radio right now? I’m just saying. Okay. Okay. We’ll see you soon. Give us this day our daily bread And forgive us our trespasses Shh, shh, shh. I’m praying. I think that’s a Jewish thing. I can’t do that here? No. It’s the same God. Uhuh. I did it. What’s everyone doing? Sit. Sit. Sit down. This is so cool. Shh, whisper. Are we supposed to participate? No. Hallelu! No. Not that kind of church. No? You’re my rock, right? Can you be my rock? Because you’re acting like a weird pebble. Okay. I think I’m good. Be a rock. Online Radio you. What’s up with this Online Radio ing kid over here? What? What’s this kid doing? Look over there. Look away, dude. Look away. Hsss! Stop. Please don’t hiss at a kid. He’s Online Radio ing with me. I don’t think he’s talking to you at all. Who’s that guy? What guy? The guy on the cross. Jesus. Oh, Jesus. Stop it. Oh, Jesus Christ. Is that what they think we did to him? Yeah. Can you tell I’m Jewish? Yes. How? Your Online Radio ing sweater. I’m sorry. Isaac, stop talking. 3AW O Holy Night Isaac, what are you doing? Don’t throw up. Don’t you throw up here. Swallow it like a girl would. Swallow it. Did you do it? Let me see your mouth. Ugh. Don’t throw up on me. Where’s the barf bag? There’s no barf bags. Stop it! No, stop it, Isaac! Jesus Online Radio ing Christ. 3AW He just threw up. Yeah. Oh, Jesus, Online Radio me. Oh Online Radio Is it still happening? It’s still happening a little. We did not kill Jesus! We did not do that! Give me my weed, you Grinch! Online Radio! Come on! Online Radio! What the Online Radio are you doing? No, what are you doing, man? You have friends who want to spend the holidays with you. You’re lucky you have that. You need to appreciate that before you lose them. That’s your Christmas lesson. That’s why I’m taking this Online Radio. My boy Hans Gruber died like this. No! What the hell? Help. Isaac. What you doing, man? Thank God. Dude, we’ve got to get to this party or I’m gonna get Online Radio ing divorced. Help me. How does this thing work? You got to use your MetroCard. Go this way. Do it, do it, do it. Wait. All right. Go. Did you get the weed back? Online Radio got weird. I don’t wanna talk about it. Did you get your phone back? No. Not at all. That’s a long story. Look. Hey. Oh, Online Radio! What the Online Radio happened to you? I got beat up by a couple of Santa Clauses. You got beat up? Online Radio. When? When? You know, a little bit after you guys ran off without me. But why did they beat you up? I don’t know why they beat me up! Did they mug you? Did they take the tickets? 3AW

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