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the best? I thinkp’Annee’s. Have you thought of the silhouette yet? I want something with big shoulders. Something big. Yes, something puffed up. Will that look the same as last week’s? P’Panpan said something that stunned me and made me think that he was right. So I start to worry, will they feel that I’m capable of doing something different? Is it something that I’m always gonna do? Morrigan. Miss Fashion who loves fashion. How do you feel about this challenge? I’m trying to do something out of the box. I came up with something like this. I had a sketch. I’m thinking I wanna do this and this and this. But once I started feeling the fabric, I feel like this can’t be it. I’m don’t know what I should do with them. One of them is so heavy, another is so light. I think the worst queen when it comes to making her gown is Morrigan. First, she only picked one floral print. Not only that, she picked the inserts for the rest of her fabric choices. Why picked those? She messed up. I’m very worried. Let’s head to the girl who has no friends. Will you be able to make it work after choosing the leftover fabrics? I think I’m okay. The rest of the girls picked all the good fabrics. I can still make it work because the colors go together. Is this the silhouette you’re going for? No, I’m just draping them to see what I can do with them. That’s very good. When I work with big name designers, they all get a feel of the fabric before they start working. They drape it out first so they can figure how they’d be able to make it look pretty once it’s worn. Okay, fighting. Thank you so much. Okay, ladies. Please come over here. How was today? A little stressful. But it’s fun. So everyone should get plenty of rest today. Finish what you’re working on. Our special judges are waiting for you tomorrow. So don’t humiliate the two of us in front of the judges again. Please do your very best. See you tomorrow. Don’t k it up. Speaking of superstitions. B Ella was late. So the makeup kit were put elsewhere. Do you notice how all the girls sitting to my right have been eliminated?

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