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Yeah, and then you went… Crazy and attacked the judges. Hmm? And now, I suppose you think you can manipulate me into helping you in a desperate bid for revenge and redemption. Oh, actually, I was just… You are as cunning as you are persuasive, Maxwell. Perhaps you have what it takes after all. I shall turn you into the show dog. You made the right choice, gramps. We shall see. I cannot polish the turd, but perhaps we can roll it in glitter. laughs I’m-a let that slide. All right, coach, so what’s our first move? Philippe The opening night party, of course. male announcer Welcome to the Canini Invitational opening night gala. Through these portals pass the most elite canines in the world. Here we meet, greet, and size up the competition. Yeah, okay, you do that. I’ll be nosing around for anything suspicious. Well, of course, nobody makes talking dog movies anymore, so I’ve been focusing on my lifestyle brands. It’s right there. Wellington Upstill. Your name is on the list, but it says you have a rottweiler. So? There ain’t no dog, no party. Frank What? Hey! whistles Max! Max! Buddy. Oh! Max. That’s… That’s my dog. Right there. Hey. Something you haven’t told me? Look, it’s me! Uh, yeah. I’m an undercover cop. And Hooch over there is the idiot human they stuck me with. Hey, rottweiler. Is this guy with you? Hey, why don’t you use that leash on your dog? Okay, thank you for the advice. What is your deal, man? Where’d you disappear to? You’re jeopardizing my case. Just ignore him. Wait, you got a dog? Do dogs have their own dogs? Is that a thing? Mattie It’s all gonna be about Daisy this year. man Hey, Mattie. Go, Daisy. You got it? Mattie Hey, great shoes. shutter clicking shutter clicking By the way, Hooch was the dog. The what now? Turner and Hooch. Turner was the cop and Hooch was the dog. Poor Beasley. After playing Hooch, he was forever typecast as a slobbering imbecile. Oh, my God, you’re… you’re… Back from the dead, yes. Philippe! laughs I’m your biggest fan. Oh, well… And you are? My name is Buncha Rainbow Sprinkles Junior III, but everyone calls me Sprinkles for short.

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