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rooster crowing light music Hey. Good news, the power’s back on so that means coffee, woo. Do you want any breakfast, eggs, bread? How do you want me to cook your eggs? Fried? You want me to poach your eggs? Scrambled? There we go, that’s more like it. Oh my god, eggs. That’s a far cry from how we used to eat here as kids. What’s the name of that cereal we used to eat. Ooh, chocolate puffs. I thought I was chocolate crisps. Nuh uh. Coco Nuggets, you ingrates. Grandma! Hi Grandma! What in tarnation are you doing at my house? You didn’t tell her? I No. No she did not, nobody tells me anything. Oh Grandma I’m so so sorry. Mm hmm. You know Millie, you’ve caused a lot of trouble. But this is some next level BS. I thought you knew. Would I let you wallow in self-pity alone? Absolutely not. I was cleaning up the mess you made. Little did I think I’d return to more mess. I’m sorry, let me help you with that. gasping Oh! Waffle iron. Ba ba ba ba ba! We’re going to write apology notes and return every single one of those so don’t get any big ideas. Wait are all of these for me? Yes, they’re all for you goofleberry and the cake is in the car. You mean the groom’s cake. It’s the least you can do. Well Grandma please just throw it out, it’s gotta be stale. I’m not above it. Never waste a good cake. She gets it. Grandma, why didn’t you just mail these from Kansas City? It’s gonna cost a fortune from here. Don’t you worry. Go on, get. Ow! Ow! God look where you’re going. Get in the car. God I cannot believe that you didn’t tell Grandma. This is exactly my problem with you Emma. You’re a pathological liar. Oh my god, no I’m not! Please don’t yell at me. You’re the one whisper yelling! gentle music [Emma] What have I done now? [Millie] You upset Grandma! [Emma] She seems fine. It’s kinda fun having her here. [Millie] Fun? Oh yeah great, splendiferous. Splendiferous, really. Yeah, look it up. [Emma] You’re just gonna walk away? What? I have a date with the hand number guy. [Millie] A date, seriously? knocking You’re leaving? Who is it? [Emma] I’ll be back. Whatever you’re selling we’ve already got it. It’s for me. Well you can’t be too careful these days. I’ve got a walk in closet full of Wilderness Girl cookies. clears throat Hi. Hi. Thank you. [Blake] Wow I was just here. [Emma] Grandma, this is Blake. [Blake] Mildred, yeah we go way back. Well hi, nice to see you again. Thanks for watching my place. Oh my pleasure. Can I offer you a glass of iced tea? Cake? Oh no no no, we have tickets, right? So we should probably go? Yeah we probably should get going. Yeah. Sorry. [Emma] Blake this is my sister Millie. Hey Blake. It is so nice to meet you, wow. You take good care of this one ’cause she’s my little sister and you know what don’t stay out too late ’cause we have dinner plans. Huh. No worries. It was a pleasure to meet you as well, Millie. Yeah. Okay. Now that we’ve all met and, you know, shaken hands, been sufficiently awkward, I think that we can go. Right? Yeah. clicks Nice seeing you. You have fun! So much fun, all the fun. What?

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