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Small loss, if you ask me. But I could’ve killed somebody! I could have. – I was that close. – Robert, you’re a decent man. I know from experience that there aren’t a lot of guys like you out there. I hope you don’t ever change. – I’m going to bed. – Good night, dear. You wanna know why you’re unhappy, Robert? – Sir? – You’re at war with yourself. You do your best on the outside to be this meek, gentle boy. But you’re different on the inside. Yes, sir, I guess I am. There’s another self inside. A truer, more natural self. A creature of violence with no fear, with no conscience. A killer. You spend your whole life battling the self that lives inside. And what happened today, though just for a moment, you lost that battle. The real you, the true you came out. No, sir. I won’t say you’re wrong, but if it is true, all I can say is I’d rather die than have it come out again. Hey, get the hell out of here! Keep it down, honey. We don’t want to wake the house, do we? (GROANING) What the hell? Go, go! Robert, get her in the house. Go on, get her in there now. He tried to save me, that’s why he’s dead. – Come on inside. – No, we can’t just leave him here. – No, I’ll do it. – Robert! – We cannot just leave him here in the dirt. – We won’t. We won’t. Now come on. (GROANING) MAGREW: We have work to do. You hold on, okay. I’ll make you whole again. Just hold on. You want it, ? What are you gonna do now? You don’t have your ape man and your puppets now, do you? What are you gonna do? Yeah, you better get out of my face. (PUPPETS GROANING) That’s right. Do it, ! I said, do it. Yeah, that’s right. Oh, yeah, you like that, don’t you? (SCREAMING) Somebody came to see you. Pinhead? Pinhead! Is he all right? Are you really all right? Yeah, he’s all right. Actually better than before. His parts were a bit worn, so . That was so brave of you. You are my hero, do you know that? – Oh, Robert, I . – No, no. I’m just glad he’s all right. – I’ll see you in the morning. – Robert, wait. I’m glad you’re not angry anymore. Robert, I was angry with you.

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