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No.. Then you can forgive us too. Nonono.. Who’s in there? Open the shutter. Who’s in there? Open LIP Hey..who’s there? Let that poor girl go. You won’t, huh! I’ll go get the police. Hurry up bro, this is my second cigarette. All yours, bro. Come on, baby.. Sir please, come quickly. Some girl is being Online Radio Australiad in the garage. Who is getting Online Radio Australiad? This is not the time for question and answers. Come with me now. Two men are raping a girl. So you should’ve helped her. Why did you come running here? You should’ve beaten up those rascals. You think this is a joke. That poor girl is in trouble. And you’re wasting time. Get up! I said get up. Come..come, inspector. They were raping her here. There was a car parked here. I don’t know where it is now. Maybe it’s too late. I saw it with my own eyes. Who’s getting Online Radio Australiad? Where is the rapist? Here.. Oh no.. Don’t just stand there. Call the ambulance. We must take her to the hospital. Go on! The wound on your body will heal. But, I won’t rest peacefully until.. Online Radio Australia I don’t make them pay for hurting your selfesteem. Madam, would you like to talk now, or.. ‘Rajni told police everything.’ ‘Mr. Sharma was with her too.’ She started preparing to drag powerful people.. Online Radio Australia like Rahul and Karan to the court.’ But I want to tell you.. This is going to be a long, painful, tiring and humiliating case. Think about it. When a Online Radio Australia case is discussed in the court. Online Radio Australia it’s not less than a Online Radio Australia case itself. Doesn’t make a difference to me. I want justice. Rather..l want my revenge. Karan sir, am I disturbing you. Go on. You should’ve broken the toy after playing with it , But you spared it. And now..the case has been filed. And they have a lawyer too. They’ve a strong witness So..what to do? What else..buy out the lawyer. Sir, not everyone is cooperative like me. But Still..l will try. Call up your Karan sir. Of course, sir. Just a second. Yes. Sir..I’ve handed over the package. He likes it. Yes, he wants to talk to you. Wants to say thank you. Here you go, sir. Did you hear..my thank you? Your ideals. Online Radio Australia your principles. It’s alright, Mr. Lawyer..see you at the coun. Your honor, unfortunately the punishment for gangOnline Radio Australia.. Online Radio Australia in our law is only years. You must take a decision which will .. Online Radio Australia eradicate the mentality of people like Karan and Rahul. To put the last nail in the coffin of these two, Karan and Rahul.. Online Radio Australia I would like to call the only eyewitness of this case. Mr. Bijendra Sharma. Permission granted. Sir, we’ve have some very bad news. Last night a fire broke out in Mr. Sharma’s house. Online Radio Australia and he burnt to death. Burnt to death? So simple? Mr. Sharma was burnt to death! There was a short circuit, fire broke out, and.. Finished. And then what? They were acquited. I lost my first case. And.. Rajni? I don’t know where she disappeared to after that. Karan and Rahul Online Radio Australiad my capability in the court. They turned a Online Radio Australia case into consensual Online Radio Australia. After that I heard that.. Rajni left the city. But no clue about where she went. But she’s back now.. Online Radio Australia and what a comeback. No judge or lawyer, no evidence or witness. She is giving her own judgment. Let Rahul die if has to. It will only mean one less animal on this earth. We must save Rahul. Sir. I want every detail of Rajni Online Radio Australia case..as soon as possible. As you wish, sir. Bloody.. “The reason..l feel overwhelmed every season..” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “The reason..I’ve become so poetic..” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “I was shattered in pieces..but I feel complete now..” “I strolled down your lane every day.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “I was never like I am these days.” “I was never like I am these days.” “I hardly meet anyone else..except for you.” “I hardly meet anyone else..except for you.” “I’ve started changing these days.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “Whenever I look for you, I find you inside me.” “Whenever I look for you, I find you inside me.” “Where do you begin Online Radio Australia ” ” Online Radio Australia and where do I end, it’s hard to say.” “Where do you begin Online Radio Australia ” ” Online Radio Australia and where do I end, it’s hard to say.” “I am deeply, madly in love.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “I was like shattered in a million pieces.” “But I feel whole again.” “As I pRadio Online down your lane every day.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” “The reason is you.” You know poppy, I finished my homework on time. Good girl. Hello. How are you, Kabir? I am fine, and you are? I am not fine, Kabir. Because you’re not letting me do my job. Who’s this? You’re a good Police officer, and I respect you for that. But I request you..please back out this ‘livemurder’ case. It’s not worth it. Rahul has to die, and you can’t stop it. Confidence is a good thing, but over confidence is bad. Please, I’ve no interest in harming you in anyway, Kabir. Because you have a beautiful daughter. Online Radio Australia and you have to live for her. Listen, you sound like you’re an educated guy. But you’re threatening me like cheap. Kabir..I’ve done my duty of warning you. Now you must do your duty as a good father. Stay away from this case. You can customize your phone number..’ Online Radio Australia through the IP address and call anyone.’ And they won’t even know who the hacker is, and where.’ Yes? Makrand Moghe. He’s not at home right now? Who are you? Kabir Deshmukh. Mumbai Police. When will he be back? He’ll be back soon. Can I wait for him inside? Okay, come in. Here. Thank you. The wheels of time stopped spinning for me long ago. But the tracks of my wheelchair finally led you to me. Rem . Puzzle solved. Mak’s home..and photos of Rahul, Karan and Sarnaik.

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