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straight, beautiful men in your bed, and all you did was sleep? Yeah. Why? Because it was amazing. And I just felt so loved, and there was no morning-after awkwardness, you know? Yeah, we’ll see about that. Are you judging me? If you work with someone and then sleep with them, you know what you get? Awkwardness? Bingo. Next time, I’ll see them naked. You didn’t even see them naked? No. Sorry. sneezes Um, Sam? Yeah. You want to go make some copies? Yes! What size, what color, what kind? Uh, / by . Done! Okay. beeping Oh, I know. Bad boy, bad boy. I mean, I can’t get this bad boy to work. Um, yeah, you know, that thing’s a real nightmare. Monty thinks it’s time that you meet her and her staff, so why don’t we go do that? Okay. Your smile’s so shiny. You look as strong as a tree. Oh, you’re so skinny. I bet you can slide right through fences, huh? Hi. Monty. Will you have lunch with me? I’ve never seen the Ice Queen have lunch with anyone. I just hope he survives it. I have to ask you, how did you know that I was sick? Is it the wig? Oh, no, not at all. Your coat has an amaz Your hair has an amazing sheen. No. I could sense your loneliness. And the medicine. Hmm. Well, let me tell you something. Chemo is no fun. And I’m under a lot of pressure here. To be honest, things are not going so well at the company, and a lot is riding on the upcoming Expo with the app. Oh, we’re so excited for the Expo! The whole pack’s gonna be there. The whole group’s gonna be there. Okay. See, the thing is, with my health, um, I’m having a lot of trouble keeping up appearances. Well, then don’t. Why? Just be. There’s plenty of time to chase pigeons and splash in the puddles. Really? It is so much fun. You can never catch ’em! What is this? Sign of the apocalypse? EMMA: It’s Sam. He’s amazing. It’s like he’s psychic or something. I decided I want us to present at the conference. But SkySign has to be better than anything else out there, especially, NightSky. Yes! But let’s just consider asking Luke Andrews to help. No. Why not? Uh-uh. Okay, look. First of all, I’m an orphan. laughs You serious? Yeah. Now I feel like an hole. No, it’s okay. It’s all right. I was only calling you Orphan Annie because of all your crazy, sad little boho dresses. You know? Okay, um, I accept your insult-slash-apology. I’m only telling you this because trust was always an issue for me and I had a serious boyfriend when I lived in Minnesota. NINA: Son of a ! Luke freaking Andrews?! So NightSky was all yours. So what, no lawsuit? No. He had all the evidence, and I couldn’t see years in a courtroom. I just kind of died inside a little, you know? Then Summit and Ajax, they brought me back to life. And then crunching growling Sam, are you okay? That was my stomach growling. That Luke guy really sounds like he needs someone to discipline him properly. Oh. Would you like some coffee? Ow. I made you this. It’s not very fancy, but it’s Lapis. Remember? Helps you with your Kryptonite? Yeah, I love it, but I just I don’t really wear things around my neck anymore. There’s this convention next week, and my ex is gonna be there.

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