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You’re a hero to take this battalion to Santa Fe. Oh, I like it. Will you be at the dance tonight? Where else? I’ve got to do a story on it for the paper. Oh ? Maybe I’ll squeeze in enough time to dance with me. Oh, thanks. You should see our new television set. It’s nice, huh? Yeah. Tommy, there is your father. Hi Dad, hi, Dad! Hiya Tommy. Be a good boy. Good morning, Doctor. Good morning, fellahs. Good morning, Doctor. Morning. Is Dr Schwambach here yet? Yes, sir. There is that radium dial of yours again, Doctor. Good morning, Doctor. Good morning, Mike. How’s that boy of yours? Fine, thank you. Good. This great dance comes directly from the Hungarian csárdás No, no. From the English folk dances. No, from the csárdás. Almost step for step, it is the same. Completely different. Not the same. Alright, alright. But it takes a man and a woman to demonstrate properly. Mrs Schwambach and I will show you tonight at the dance. Gus, I’m looking forward to it. Hello, Doctor. The neutron monitors have been checked, Dr Addison. “Adjust the cycloscope, please.” “Let me have the neutron level up to R.” All side checks, Doctor. “Doctor Schwambach.” “Yes?” “We’re going to ease out the control rods.” Alright children, this way. It’s almost time for the puppet show and the prizes. Come on, we’ll all go in together. Come on. Children, are we all ready for the big drawing? Yes! Alright, alright. Now our very good friend, Mrs Ostrich, will pick the first winner. Now the very first little lucky boy or girl. Is going to win this handsome chrome-finished ultra-modern bicycle. So kindly donated by the Acme Bicycle Sales and Record Shop, San Pueblo Avenue. You may pick the first winner, Mrs Ostrich. —- Thomas Addison. Oh. Thomas Addison. Thomas Addison. Well, if Tommy Addison is not here, we’ll hold his prize for next Saturday. And one week from today is the final day to claim the prize. Peggy, where is Tommy? I don’t know, Miss Haskell. Wasn’t he sitting next to you? Yes. When did he leave? Didn’t you see him go? No, I was watching the puppets. Alright, now wait a minute, children. Now pick the next card, Mrs Ostrich. You’re home early. A little bit. Everything alright? Sure. Fine. It’s here, huh. I didn’t know where you wanted to put it. There is a long cord. We can decide later. There is nothing on until five o’clock. Darling, there is something wrong. Gus Schwambach was burned. Over-exposed to radiation. Oh, I’m sorry. How bad is it? They can’t tell yet. Not for a few days. Frank. Yeah? Why do we stay here? Now wait a minute, honey. I’m not that upset. Gus will be back in the Lab in a week or two. Don’t you ever get tired of the barbed wire, Frank? Having an FBI man on your heels every time you step out of the main gate. And the signs. “Contaminated area. Restricted area.” “Don’t give classified information,” “Don’t talk to strangers.” “Don’t do this, don’t do that.” I diagnose this is a mild case of jitters. Brought on by an inattentive husband who ought to know to say hello to his wife. Ellen. Hello. What time are we due at the dance?

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