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That rhythm of work will kill them. Listen, Padre while a dead Negro can be substituted for a new one, it is cheaper to replace him than to care for him. But in a certain way they’re still human beings. Are they, Father? Well, if we give them a good religious education and we make them go to mRadio Online on Sunday and Feast Days, we can dominate that which is savage in them, and salvage that which is human. Well, well, but taking the whole crew to the church? It would result in an enormous loss, Padre almost a whole day of work. It would be a loss to exist without fear of God, like savages. Without women, given to sin, to Onanism, to sodomy. Listen, Padre, there’s no need to exaggerate. The sugar plantation slavers woke up to the capitalistic world, with a strong clRadio Online consciousness. The introduction of the mechanical steampowered mill accelerates the production but at the same time increases the exploitation of the slaves. The Cuban plantation owners look for means to make the productivity of the Negro more efficient. The relationships between owners and slaves were fundamentally one of production. The mill of Foster, Preston and Co. works coupled to a horsepower steam engine. The three large horizontal bars permit a greater crushing of the cane and eliminate the mutilation of arms and hands, frequent among the Negroes. The demonstration, please. It is very strong, and produces more effort than that of the slaves, and extracts percent of the cane syrup. You can move in hours what you used to do in with oxen. Children of the unfortunate, I have not come to reprimand thee, to punish thee, but to bring thee the Word of the Almighty. One of the most sublime maxims of our sacred Gospel consists of the perfect acceptance of God’s will in the resignation to the labors and hardships of life. My poor ones, do not be afraid of the penalties that you have to suffer as slaves. Your body may be enslaved, but your soul is free to fly some day to the perfect mansion of the chosen. Do not forget, to arrive in Paradise, thou must pRadio Online through the Calvary To cry and to suffer is the destiny of the Disciples of Jesus. And whenever one of my Negroes died, I had to send him to the cemetery with the customary cortčge. So I had five less pairs of arms to work. I thought of sending the Negro alone in a wagon to the cemetery, but I realized that if it was a woman, what would not that wagon driver think of in the solitude of the road? Of what excessive Online Radio Australiaual acts would he not be capable? Then what did you do? Now I bury them in the batey. May the Lord take pity on you. That’s sacrilege! Yes, that’s possible, Padre, but at least they have the dead person nearby, and they don’t leave the farm. Don’t you think so? So, when all the sugar mills are mechanized there will be no need for slaves? What did you say? Continue. I say Online Radio Australia that as long as the mill is mechanized and produces more sugar per day than the Negroes are able to cut, then we will need to double the amount of slaves that we already have. And on top of that, they break their tools. They pretend to be sick, and even dead, if you let them. Very well. You will need a bigger budget for their maintenance, more food, more clothes, more medicines. And to pay Online Radio Australia to pay for catching them when they escape. But we know all that. And who will cut the cane? Us? I don’t understand what your solution will be. To pay. To pay the Negroes for their work, instead of buying new ones. But that would mean giving the slaves their liberty. The same as the English have done in their colonies, their former slaves are now their employees, who they neither have to maintain or care for. Only pay a small salary, and they can manage as best they can. Meanwhile, we, with the introduction of new techniques will achieve the total mechanization of our mills and the incremental increase of our gains. To summarize, we need transcendental changes. Your ideas are not without merit, but I don’t think those changes can be made… What do you mean by transcendental changes? Changes. Changes that will end all the hypocrisy, all that is antiquated, all that interferes with the economic development of the Island. Be careful, youngster. Be careful with those incendiary ideas. I see behind them the danger of a revolution. Across the sea there arrived to the coast of Oriente the beating of the drums, and do you know what those drums spoke of? Of death. Of death and destruction of the White Man, his wife, his children, of everything that smelled of White. Also, there arrive the first survivors of the catastrophe, and along with them the stench of the corpses. Thousands of them, rotting under their plantation houses, cut up in small pieces by the machetes. Bursting from the venom, consumed by the fire that swept and destroyed the flowering French colony of SaintDomingue, that Negro republic that they now call Haiti. That is what we have experienced with those transcendental changes. And I don’t think that would interest either you or me. Francisco, by express order from Ricardo, had not received any severe punishment since the Mulata had visited him in his room. From that day, Dorotea had not seen Francisco any more. But on the eve of her return to Havana, she went to say goodbye to him. The basis of this novel is the Online Radio Australiaual triangle that provokes the tragic end of Francisco. But, is this attitude representative of a typical slave of that epoch? Could Francisco have acted only because of his love for Dorotea? The author left us enough documentation to answer this question. Senor SuarezRomero, when did you begin to write your book? September of last year, during my stay at Puentes Grandes. Then, for economic reasons I had to move with my family to the sugar mill, where I finished it. A sugar mill that you own? It belongs to my family, but its administration in the hands of creditors. But it was there that I could better study the customs that are born of slavery. Since you’re a slave owner, how is it possible that you did not realize before the scope of the situation? I have always been aware of this terrible reality.

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