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You want to go? Sure. Don’t you? I think it’s what we both need. I’ll call for a sitter. You usually phone before this. Hey. What’s boiling up inside of you, honey? If we’re going to the dance, I’ll have to get a sitter. It will keep. First let’s find out about you. It’s the first hint I’ve had that you didn’t like living here. I didn’t mean it to sound like that. You know I love our home, our friends. I’ve been proud of you getting to the top, all the recognition you’ve won. It’s been wonderful for all of us. But what, honey? It can’t be the barbed wire and the signs. Not after six years. What is it? Nothing that makes sense. Well then talk nonsense, but tell me. Maybe we’ve been forgetting Tommy. He’s spent all but one year of his life in Los Alamos. You make it sound like Siberia. What’s wrong with living here? Good schools good climate. Good companionship. Everything a normal kid wants and needs. Are you sure, Frank? Sure. I’ve been wondering whether living in this atmosphere Is a normal life for a child. There are four thousand kids living in town. They look normal enough to me. I don’t know. When I was a child I used to say to my mother. “When I grow up, I’m going to be a nurse ” Or “when I grow up I’m going to be a doctor.” It was always “when I grow up”. Sure, all kids talk like that. Tommy doesn’t. Tommy doesn’t say “when”. Today at lunch he said: “If I grown up”. If he grows up. How normal is that? Darling, you’re magnifying a slip of the tongue into something gigantic. It wasn’t a slip of the tongue. Tommy doesn’t talk about the future. Children in normal surroundings do. You did. I did. [ Doorbell ] I’ll get it. Addison? Sign here, please. Thank you. Frank. Frank. Excuse me please. Where is the nearest telephone? Across the piazza, Señorita. Thank you. Yes. Yes. I’m sorry, Miss Haskell. Tommy should have told you he had to leave early. I picked him up outside the hotel. But Dr Addison, you had no right to do that. I ran all over the Fiesta looking for him. That was a horrible thing to do to me. Tommy deserves a paddling for not telling me. “I’m sorry.” I’m to blame. “You certainly are. It was completely thoughtless of you.” “I’m sorry.” Tommy’s ticket won the bicycle. Oh. Maybe we’re happy he won. “Tell him he has one week to claim the bicycle.” No, I can’t tell him now. He He went to the store with his mother. “He’ll have to present the ticket in the lobby of the La Gonda” Yes. “They keep the unclaimed prizes there.” Yes. “Remember, he must appear in person before the end of the week.” I’ll tell Tommy. Hey Frank, I heard your Tommy won the big prize this afternoon. Yeah, that’s right. Lucky kid. Now you’re talking about one of the country’s top physicists. You’re talking to a teacher who stopped breathing this afternoon because of him. Excuse me if I look a little confused. It happened at the puppet show. Tommy just upped and left to meet his father outside the hotel. The least your top physicist might have done was to find out if Tommy had gone. [ Telephone ] [ Telephone ] Hello? Spanish language ]

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