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These walls are a lot thinner than I thought. Uh Online Radio I mean, he sounded like it was purple. Oh. Hey, listen to this. I wrote this years ago. “Dearest, darling Tom, As long as I live, I can never forget you.” Tom who? I don’t remember. Oh, fine. “Being with you the other night was pure heaven. Remember how we Online Radio ” Well, don’t stop now. Go on. That’s all there is. Oh. Oh, I remember now. It was Tom Henderson. And just as I was writing this letter, he called on the phone, we had a big fight, and I never finished it. Oh. Oh, I should never have fought with him. He now owns a swanky fur salon downtown. Oh, you fool. Yeah. Oh, well, so much for Tom Henderson. Hey Online Radio I’m supposed to finish everything I start, aren’t I? 4KQ Lucy, are you gonna finish that letter? Uhhuh. Are you gonna mail it? No. Well, what’s the use? Who’ll see it? A certain purplefaced Cuban we both know. (laughs) As long as he’s so insistent that I finish everything, I’m going to have a little fun with him. Let’s see now. “Being with you the other night was pure heaven. “Remember how we Online Radio Remember how we Online Radio laughed Online Radio and what fun we had?” (giggling) (wicked laugh) Hee, hee. Uh, “See you for lunch tomorrow. Love, Lucy.” (giggling) Now, I’ll just be finishing this when Ricky comes in, and I’ll get all flustered when he catches me, see? Oh, Lucy, I wish you had a window in your forehead so I could peek in and watch those wheels go ’round. You’d better go now. Ricky’s gonna home for lunch any minute. Okay. Good luck. Okay. (4KQ turning) Well Online Radio oh, I Online Radio I Online Radio Oh, Ethel! Oh, I’m sorry, but I just got to thinking it over. Do you think this is safe, what with Ricky’s temper and all? Oh, sure. Well, good luck. Okay. (sighs) FRED: Psst! Psst! Hey, Rick. Hiya, Fred. I’ve been waiting for ya. Yeah? What happened? We men have to stick together. What do you mean? Ethel couldn’t keep her big blabbermouth closed, so she told me a secret. What’s that? Lucy found an old, unfinished love letter. Oh? Yeah, but she finished it this afternoon, and now she’s waiting to have a little fun with you. 4KQ ls that so? Yeah. All right, Fred, thanks for telling me. I’ll see you later. All right. Ha, ha, ha! A little fun, eh? Oh! Hi, honey. Hi, honey. Oh! Uh Online Radio Uh Online Radio oh. Uh, what you got there? Where? In back of you there. Oh, nothing. Itit’s not for you to see. Oh. Oh, it’s a surprise for me, eh? Uh, yeah. Well, I can wait. All right, all right. You want me to see the letter, let me have it. No, no. I don’t want you to see it! Honey, you’ve been waving it around like a flag. Now, come on. What is it? Is it a bill? No. (laughing loudly) (laughing harder) What are you laughing at? Oh, this is very funny, this letter. (Radio) What’s the gag? It’s no I guess I had to expect that sooner or later, you’d Online Radio find out. Now, Lucy Online Radio we’ve been married for years. I know you like a book, and every time you act like this, you must have an interior motive. “Ulterior,” and I have not. Come, come, now. Are you by any chance trying to get back at me for that scolding that I gave you the other night? No, and you think you’re so smart. Lucy? Well, I’m not! That’s just what it looks like. It’s, it’s a letter to Torn Henderson. Oh, Tom Henderson? Yes. He’s a big fur man downtown andand Tom and I used to go to college together andand we used to go around a lot together and we’ve been seeing each other since, that’s all. Oh, well, if that’s all Online Radio (dismissive chuckle) You don’t believe me, do you? Sure, honey, sure, I believe you, yeah. It’s the truth! Well, then, uh, you don’t mind if I mail the letter? No. Il wrote it to be mailed. All right. I’ll mail it on my way to the club tonight. Go ahead and see if I care. See if I care about anything that you do! (laughing) I heard the voices being raised. (chortling) Oh, boy, is she mad. What did you do? I told her I was going to mail the letter. That’s not cricket, old boy. (both laugh) Are you really gonna mail it? No. I’m just gonna to let her stew in her own goose for a while. What’s the matter? Nothing. I know what you mean all right, but I just never heard it put that way before. I don’t know why you wanted to come down here anyway. Because Ricky mailed the letter. I have to explain to Tom. Okay. Come on. Now, wait a minute. I have to think what I’m going to say. I haven’t seen Tom Henderson in years. He’ll think I’m crazy. Oh, he’ll understand. Well, I hope you’re right. Gee, Ethel, do you think I’ve changed any in years? I got a little older, huh? Don’t be silly. Women don’t get older. They just mature a little. Men get older. Yeah. Well, of course, in Tom’s case, it won’t make any difference. He was so handsome to start with. He was certainly a gorgeous hunk of man. Well, come on. Hey, wait a minute. You don’t suppose that’s Tom, do you? Oh, he couldn’t have changed that much. 4KQ I’ll have it for you Tuesday. Goodbye, Mrs. Corner. Goodbye, Mr. Henderson. Mr. Henderson. That must be Tom. That’s a gorgeous hunk of man?! Looks like my hunk has shrunk. Come on, let’s forget the whole thing. ($P$)I Look! Ricky and Fred! Yeah. They must have followed us. Well, let’s make a run for it, huh? No, honey, they’ve seen us. It’s too late. Listen, youyou go in there and pretend to buy a coat or something get Tom out of the way. What good will that do? Go on. I’ll think of something. Okay. I have just what you want, Mrs. Mertz. I’ve got one on display in the window. Uh, silver fox? You know, Fred, I think this time she’s really jumped her trolley. Looks like. Oh, hi, Ricky. How nice to see you, dear. And don’t bother turning around, Tom. It’s just my husband. (laughing giddily) What’s going on here? Oh, uh, Tom was just going to teach me a new dance step. Weren’t you, dear? How’s that go again now? One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two, three, four. One, two Online Radio (laughing) (Ricky laughing uncontrollably) (laughter continues) (still laughing) ls this your old boyfriend? He isn’t half the man he used to be. Where, uh Online Radio where is Tom Henderson? Oh, Ricky, that letter was just a gag. You were so darn smart about it, you made me mad, that’s all. (chuckling): Well, what Online Radio what about this dummy routine? Didn’t you know this guy at all? Sure I did, but when I knew Tom, he was tall, dark and handsome. I saw him today, and he’s short, bald and dumpy. You never would have stopped kidding me about that. Well, honey, I guess I was a little cruel. Listen, you’ll have lunch with a tall, dark and handsome man anyway. 4KQCome on. I’ll take you. Okay. You know, it’s a good thing he was a funnylooking guy, otherwise you’d be plenty worried by now, ’cause I was gonna go through with it. Yeah, I don’t have the slightest doubt. (4KQ) ETHEL: Oh, Lucy? Yeah? Lucy, we made an awful mistake. This isn’t Tom Henderson. It’s his brother, Harry.

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