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Say Charlie, if Albert comes in, tell him to call his mother. May I, Martha? You know you can’t monopolize your wife, Frank. Look Gregson, I’m just getting some air. Sure. Alone. Doctor, we’re outside Los Alamos. You know, I’m tired of having policemen at my heels each time I go out the gates. You’ve been aggravating the Doctor? Looks like it. All of a sudden, too. After going steady for so long. He’s probably upset about Gus Schwambach. Will you be running a story on him? Just that he’s been hurt. Nothing on how it happened. How do you like the newspaper business? I’m getting pretty good. You know, I worked undercover as a dishwasher once. Watch it. My mistake. Did Frank get to see Doc Schwambach in the hospital? Yeah. He was there most of the afternoon. Oh. Hiya Frank. Enjoying yourself? Yeah. How’s Tommy? Fine. I heard you had to paddle him this afternoon. No. No, I didn’t. Hello? Hello? Excuse me. Yes. Hello. Please, hello. They hung up. They just asked my name and hung up. I hope nothing is wrong at home, Miss Addison. No, no. Everything is fine. You know, when me and my wife are out, we always worry about the kids. The telephone rings and we’re scared. Watch it, darling. People are looking at us. Frank. Let’s go home. Goodnight Mrs Addison, Doctor. Goodnight, Gregson. They haven’t hurt him. I have to call the police. No. You know what they want. I can’t do it. Don’t! I won’t let you, I won’t let you. There isn’t any choice. There must be some other way. There has to be. Maybe they will take money. I wish they would. We’d raise it somewhere, somehow. But it isn’t money, Martha. How can you be so sure? You don’t know. Let me talk to them first, please Frank. Alright, darling. Alright. We’ll wait and see what they ask. We’ll wait and see. Just a minute. Excuse me, lady. Are you Mrs Addison? Yes. Yes, I am. Someone wants you on the telephone. Hello? “Is this Mrs Frank Addison?” Yes, this is Mrs Addison. You know why I am calling? You want your son back safely, don’t you? “I do, I do.” Then tell your husband to play ball with us. Tell him he doesn’t have to worry that we’ll ever tell what he did. He’ll do whatever you say. Now tell me, is Tommy alright? He’s fine. We won’t hurt him. Not if your husband follows instructions. Here, Tommy. Talk to your mother. “Hello, Mama. I’m alright, Mama.” Tommy, darling. Mother will have you home soon, darling. You mustn’t be afraid, dearest. “I’m not afraid, Mama.” “I have been treated very good.” “I can come home tomorrow after Daddy does what they want.” He will, darling. He will. Tell them he will. You heard your son, Mrs Addison. Please can’t I speak to him another minute? Just one more minute. There is no time for that. You’d better listen closely. “I won’t repeat this. Get it right the first time.” Yes. Please tell me what to do. Frank. Frank, he’s safe. I spoke to him. You spoke to Tommy? On the phone. The man let me speak with him. He wanted to prove he hadn’t been hurt. They’ll let him come home to us. Tommy said so. He said. “I can come home as soon as Daddy does what they want.

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