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Frank, the man promised no-one will ever know. No. No-one would. Not until they’ve wrecked half the world. I only know that Tommy is our world, Frank. Our whole world. Alright, Martha. I’ll see what I can do. What were the instructions? [ Intercom: ] “Hello, Doctor. I didn’t think you’d be in on Sunday.” Bring me the Mark B file. All of it. It’s in your office vault, Doctor. Thank you. I’ll take that, Doctor. I’m Inspector Mann, Federal Bureau of Investigation. Russ. What is he doing here? A newspaper man. I stopped playing newspaper man this morning when I found Tommy was missing. That’s the only file he mentioned to the clerk, Inspector. Was this going to be the ransom payment, Doctor? Blind alley experiments we tried a year ago. Useless to anyone. Your son is kidnapped and you come to your lab on a Sunday. Just to pick up useless experiments? Look, Inspector. I was searching for some was to delay the threat to my son. I have only hours to deliver the bomb. These are intricate equations. I thought if I sent them it would give me time to think, to act. To know what to do. It will take very skilled mathematicians several days to check these equations. And to discover they are useless. Well, if you’re telling the truth, and that’s a big “if” we’re going to check. Then sending these useless equations may be the way we’ll flush them out. Martha. This is Inspector Mann of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. Mrs Addison. You called them? You you called them. No. They found out I didn’t go to Santa Fe for Tommy. No-one will know why we came here, Martha. Russ is a federal agent. Not a newspaper man. Get them out. Your husband said the kidnappers contacted you this morning, Mrs Addison. I won’t answer their questions. Get them out! Darling, it has to be done their way. Their way! Give him time to calm her. I’m in a peculiar spot, Inspector. The Addisons have been close friends of mine for the past couple of years. That might help us. Is this a recent picture of the boy? Yes, very. Frank was telling the truth about that boy. I’d bet on it. He wouldn’t sell out, not even for his own kid. You’re not a father, Russ. I have two. Two little girls. I wouldn’t like to have to decide between my kids and my country. How would you decide, Inspector? I don’t know. That’s why I don’t know if you told the truth about this file. I don’t know which way you decided. Pardon me, is this the letter? They contacted your wife through a pay-station phone? Yes. She spoke to a man and then to Tommy. I’d like to get the details from Mrs Addison as soon as possible. She’ll answer all your questions if you just give her a little more time. You coming here was quite a shock to her. Yes, of course. You know, it’s entirely possible Mrs Addison didn’t talk to your son. It could have been a recording. You won’t mention that to my wife. No. Did she say what instructions they gave her? Everything we have on the “H” bomb is to be delivered to a “William Masters”. Care of the Will Call desk. Hotel Belfort, Hollywood. After they check, they promise to turn Tommy loose.

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