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Ooh, Mr. Kryptonite. I was wondering. Would you wanna go with me ’cause I don’t know if I can face him alone. Love longstanding hurts so bad Sitting here thinking about the good thing that we had Reminiscing doesn’t make it any better I wish that we were back together Something about this is so familiar Thought that maybe I would land back on my feet I’m crawling now purring Did you say something? coughs No. Just a frog in my throat. ‘Cause all that’s left is the ghost in me Now that you’re gone, gone away And I’m finding now It’s really kinda hard to know what love’s about Until you lost it and it’s gone somehow Yes, it’s gone Do you mind if we call it an early night? No prob. Yeah. toy squeaking Oh, what was I thinking? I’ll just use the front door. knocking Hey. Have you ever thought that you might be losing your mind? Thanks, Carl. No problem. Oh, um, do you have any alcohol? You don’t you like tea? No, I do. It was for you, actually. But you don’t We’ll do this sober. Okay, all right. So bear with me. So I have a theory. Socko, heck no I don’t think so I just wanna be with you tomorrow And the next day and the next day after Oh, hey, I just wanna say You’re looking very fine today and every day Socko, heck no I don’t think so I just wanna be with you tomorrow Made a wish and hoped it would come true And I think I think I found my cat! I think I’m gonna need that alcohol. Yeah. Thanks. What are the cherries for, hangover cure? Relieves stress. Do you think I’m crazy? A sane person would say, “You know what? You miss your pets.” Yeah. And then these guys come into your life. It’s reasonable that there’s a certain amount of projection, of transference. Transference? Yeah. I minored in psych. Oh. I wasn’t very good. Turns out everyone I talked to winded up sadder. Good to know. You gotta pinch it hard between your thumb and forefinger. Like this? Yeah, just turn your hand. Okay, okay. Hold it between There you go. Yeah? And then you just pinch. Whoa! Yeah! That does feel good. laughing I am feeling better, so thanks. All right, the other night, I was on the porch, and I heard the two of them arguing, and I thought, you know, sounds like these guys have known each other a long time. Like they grew up together. Yeah, like Right? Yeah. So you think it’s possible. I don’t know. Yes! I knew it. You think it’s possible? It’s possible. Emma laughs If Ajax has a secret, he’s very crafty, so I can see him not telling me. But Summit I can get him to crack. Oh, hey! Yeah! Hey, that was really good! So, Sam, you never really told me where you were from. Oh, around here. Except when I was young. Oh, where were you then? I don’t remember. I was so young. But I remember it was snowy. Right. What about your parents? What were their names? I don’t know my parents. Is there something you want to tell me? What is it? Your dress is very nice, and your hair smells of fresh-cut flowers. Oh. It’s okay. You can tell me. Tell you what? toy squeaks You want this, don’t you? No. Sit. Up. laughs I was messing with you. You say sit, I comply. It’s funny. It’s a joke. gasps Do you wanna go for a W-A-L-K? You wanna go for a walk? Summit! whines It’s okay, boy. It’s okay. whining You can tell me everything. purring You know, this, this is how I found you. I remember. It seems like we might be the only ones who have had this wish granted. Might just wanna give it a try. But how does this work? I mean, how long am I gonna live? Human years? Cat years? What if I said it didn’t matter to me? Okay. But I can’t have kids. I’m neutered, remember? That’s on you. Sorry about that. You go. Oh, thank you. What a guy. “We here at the StarSign App.” Okay, and What are you doing? The conference is tomorrow. Luke is giving the first speech, and I’m kind of freaking out. These cherry pits aren’t working. You never get nervous. How is that? Well, as a predator, I don’t question whether I belong here. Is it considered a predator if you eat out of a can? Let’s just say that there are several mice that you will never hear from again. Look, Emma, you belong here

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