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I thank you … To English pish. Banishment, I think. Anywhere but France. She is a queen. You are to her what this poor wretch is to you. I have here a dagger, Your Majesty. I have here a dagger, Your Majesty. A queen may have her feel of handsome men, But for marry them is not a necessity. Is he not my perfect match? Yes. Should we have a child, would that child inherit the English Throne? Yes. Then why can’t I wed David? I fear you are too fond of him, Your Majesty, And he blinds you to his weakness. I have here a dagger, Your Majesty. I wish to ask for your hand in marriage. That may be presumptuous, that may cause offense. If so this dagger is for my own heart. It would no sacrifice, for what is life for me, knowing I have offended Your Majesty. What good is life to me without the woman I love. I have a dagger …, I wish to marry you, Lord Darnley, She’s to marry Darnley. You will have to ask Your Majesty. I’m asking you, you slimy, greasy piece of Italian e. I’m asking … I am marrying him, yes. Go. How dare you question my command, you sickly dwarf. You consummate this marriage? That is not your business. Not my business. You both lay claim to the English throne, Your child will inherit the English throne. Do you think Elizabeth would find that palatable? I hope she finds it most unpalatable. I hope she chokes on the news. You’ll rule Scotland together? He will not be king, it will be consort. What about me? Forgive me? I had good reason to think we would govern together, I was wrong. You speak with an Italian before you speak to me. And now take an Englishman. An Englishman, an Italian, and only then, I. I, who have given years of service my country, You’ve been informed of all the decisions I make. That is your right for you are my brother. Half brother. If I were your brother, I would be your king. Forgive me. Forgive me not. Our father loved my mother, she married with your mother, but he loved mine. You were born of politics and intrigue, I am born of passion and love. I am born of all things noble in this world, and from that I am declared a bastard. From that I am denied all that is rightfully mine. For that you treat me as a serf. Go. Remember Mary, Elizabeth is a bastard, and she sits upon the English throne. Why? Because her half sister is dead. We’re in peril. Yes. We need men to guard us. Brave men. This is Hamish. Hamish and I have spent many hours of stimulating conversation. How loyal are you, Bothwell? I would die for you. We have reason to fear for our lives. We wish you to remain within the palace day and night, close at hand armed at all times. Aye. I’m soon marry Lord Darnley. Heave…Hold…..Heave You look beautiful …, Your Majesty. And for you …, you will never be cold again, David, You intrude, Sir. I have something that I want to say to you, Your Majesty, Will you leave us? They will stay. If … ever you are in danger, there is this. It will lead you south gate. I thank you, There is a lack of time, Your Majesty for you are soon to be married, which is why I must now humble myself before you … and others, I’ve come to ask your hand in marriage. I’m not the Dauphin France or the heir apparent of Spain. I’m not rich or powerful, so you may ask, what would you bring to such a marriage? To which I must reply. I would bring my heart. Are you are drunk, Bothwell Your Majesty. You’re left on your own, Your Majesty. Thank you, He has big feet, they say it’s a son. The Queen is ready, My Lord. My Lord. Wine, woman, bring your husband wine. Have you ordered Lord Darnley to return to England? He has ignored me. Do they share a bed? When he is sober. Then she will have a child. There will be no child. Out! The House of Lancaster: Henry IV, Henry V, Henry VI … But after Henry VI, a horizontal line, the end of the House of Lancaster. The House of York: Edward IV, Edward V, Richard III, But after Richard III, a horizontal line, the end of the House of York. The House of Tudor: Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, … the mad half sister, and me. The end of the House of Tudors. Mary’s child will inherit my throne … for I am barren, I am a horizontal line. I promise you she will have no child. You can promise me that? Aye. But there may be bloodshed. I never would never countenance the murder of Lord Darnley. But the execution of Lord Darnley. For? The murder of David Rizzio, He has murdered the Queen’s adviser? He plans to. We must prevent it. Her husband’s removed, her adviser removed, the Queen would be weakened … before she would turn to me. You must do everything you can, to prevent this murder. His plans are well advanced…. I will do my best. Where is my husband? Taylor, where is my husband? He’s hunting, Your Majesty. Again. Sign them for him. From where will we take these cannons? From Sterling. I tell a lie. Your husband is not hunting, It’s drunk, Again. Forgive me. Mary. Mary. Open the door. Open the door. Mary. Open, I can not, My Lord. I’m not “My Lord”, I am your Majesty. I can not, Your Majesty, You have usurped my role in affairs of state. In your absence only. What other rolls have you usurped?

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