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They probably would. Rather than have it known they have the data. If figures that simply. They turn you into a traitor, and they have a pipeline into Los Alamos. They’d own the top scientist here. They won’t get that chance. I guess I’m to be placed in custody. We can’t put you in deep freeze without attracting attention. We can’t afford that. You will be regarded as a calculated risk. You’ve got to try to see our job, Frank. The bomb means more than just one life. They said those same words to Martha. But to her, Tommy counts more than the millions. They are just numbers. Tommy is very real. Maybe I won’t be a very good risk, Inspector. It might be wiser to place me in custody. If we have to, we will. Even you can’t be permitted to get in the way of what has to be done. Our job is to keep the bomb at home and to apprehend the kidnappers. And to bring your son back safely That’s the order of their importance, isn’t it. One, two, three. Tommy is number three. Yes Doctor, I’m afraid so. I want to emphasize one thing. We’re dealing with top espionage agents. Who have resorted to kidnap. And we want them. And I mean every last one of them. That’s a must. You are probably asking yourselves, what about the boy? Isn’t getting Tommy Addison back safely more important? I’m giving you my answer to that officially. No. No matter how callous it seems, our first job is: locate and apprehend the spies. Russ Farley will give you your assignments. Connors, Weinberg and Summerton. Check the road to Santa Fe. Maybe someone noticed the school bus being followed. Davis, you stick around the hotel lobby. Talk to the Chamber of Commerce people. The secretary, people around the hotel. We want to know who they are, what they eat for breakfast. Everything on them. Their families and friends. But remember, all of you. Don’t panic people. They talk to friends when they’re scared. By Tuesday the phony formula on the bomb will be at the hotel Belfort, Hollywood. We’ll be needing some of you there. It’s here. Okay to go ahead now? Sure. This is position Harding. We’re all set here. Position Melrose. Everything okay. Position Sunset. Okay. This is Junction. Position Harding again. Now keep those cameras ready. Let’s have a routine check on all positions every half hour. Now if anyone looks even vaguely familiar to you Yes, yes. I know. You’ve told us a dozen times. I remember when I see somebody from the puppet show I have to tap you on the shoulder. That’s the idea. I’m sorry I snapped, Russ. It’s just that I can’t help feeling responsible for Tommy being kidnapped. You wasn’t nothing to do with it. This wasn’t planned overnight. If it hadn’t happened Saturday, it would have happened some other time. The people we’re dealing with know how to be patient and wait. Stop worrying about it. We’ll get Tommy back. But first things first. Getting the spies is the important thing. It has to be that way. Here is position Harding. “It’s one-thirty. Let’s have another check.” Okay at Sunset. Morning. May I have seven -cent stamps please. Yes indeed. There you are.

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