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You can call me what you want, but the simple fact is mr. Clark has broken the laws of this state and exposed you all to grave danger. His behavior is irresponsible. Chaining those doors was a criminal act. Why do you think they call him “crazy joe”? Because you don’t understand him. Yeah. That’s right. He chained those doors to keep out the drug dealers. You’re twisting the law. The laws are made to protect the people. That’s what he’s doing for us. Yes! The thing that you don’t understand is that mr. Clark believes in us. He doesn’t believe in you! You don’t take care of your responsibility! Despite what he himself may believe, mr. Clark is not eastside high! Mr. Clark is not only eastside high. Mr. Clark is like a father, the only father some of us know. You don’t know a thing about mr. Clark! People! People, just hear me! The school board is meeting right now, and we will give you what eastside high deserves- a good principal. We don’t want a good principal! We want mr. Clark! You may think you know what you want, but the question is what is best for you, for eastside high. This thing’s getting out of hand. Talk to them, please. Radio to see that this gets resolved so that you can continue your education. Free mr. Clark! People! People Radio yay! All right! I wonder why i can’t get this kind of turnout for study hall. All right, now. Kids, this is all very nice, but now i’m going to insist that you all go home and let the laws of the land prevail. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Now, listen. Listen. If i’ve taught you anything, i have tried to give you respect for the law. Now, i want you all to go home in an orderly fashion! No! No! No! Your voices have been heard! No! No! No! I appreciate your concern for me. No! No! No! But now is the time to go home. No! No! No! Kids, listen. You’re not helping the matters any. You’re not helping our cause if you stay here. No! No! No! I thought i left you in charge of these students. You got to read this. Is this taking care of your responsibility? Read it! Boss. No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! No! Dr. Napier, it is my duty- it is my privilege and my honor to report to you that the students of eastside high have passed the minimum basic skills test! Mr. Mayor. Boy: Yeah! All right! Go get him! Mr. Mayor, on behalf of myself and on behalf of the students of eastside high, you can tell the state to go to hell. I told you. You should not have brought him here Radio joe louis clark is not going anywhere. Are you ready, my ghosts? Yes! Let me hear it. , , ! Fair eastside by thy side we’ll stand? And always praise thy name to ever lend our hearts and hands congratulations. Come on, son. Radio thy fame the honor of old eastside high brings forth our loyalty so cheer for dear old eastside high lead on to victory so cheer for dear old eastside high lead on to victory lean on me when you’re not strong and i’ll be your friend? I’ll help you carry on for i know that it won’t be long till i’m gonna need somebody to lean on you just call on me, brother call me if you feel you need a hand ’cause we all need somebody just to lean on oh, i just might have a problem a problem you’ll understand we all need somebody to lean on oh oh oh, yeah listen, now if there is a load you have to bear that you can’t carry just remember i, i’m right up the road i’ll share your load if you just call on me you have to call me call me whenever you’re in trouble call me i’ll understand call me we all have pain call me we all have sorrow call me hey hey hey just lean on me lean lean on me lean on j-just lean on me lean lean on me lean on me just, just lean on him? Yes, yes, why? Things are better and we’re finally working together in unity and you’re soon to see eastside high as a better place to be the students, the pupils have morals and scruples our learning ability has increased quadruple and we’re off to a brand-new start i played my part to prove that you’re smart? And it’s proven but i ain’t movin’ i won’t be going, i’m here when you need someone to lean on so take heed to this as a blessing and remember ain’t no half steppin’

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