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always help each other. In Bengalis Radio Stop the chatter. Back to your seats. It is not an ordinary vice king’s mandate. I am aware that I face a difficult task. I will need a great willingness from the widest. And today I ask India on the benevolence. Why can not you hear him? Because I’ve heard it all before. Father, maybe Mountbatten be different. He is the king’s cousin. He empire in the blood. My husband’s office have priority. There is insufficient light. He says it stinks of failed negotiations. It must be done. I continue after breakfast, Miss Reading. Will meanwhile heads together with adjudanterne and reconsider the guest list? From now on, almost half of all guests be Indians. Yes. I will also meet Indian women. Sarojini Naidu, Pandit Nehrus Søstr. Fru Aruna Ali Asf. Raj Kumari Amrit Kaur. Did you get that, Miss Noor? There will be riders. It appears the only time of day that I get along with you. Two eggs, tomatoes, sausages and tea. I’m busy. Did you know that % of the population is illiterate? And one in five infant dies before the age of four months? Edwina, sometimes you have to accept what you can not change. But we can change much, Dickie, and we need to. India’s problems are not only political, but social and economic. Half of all children die before they turn five. It should not be England’s legacy in India for three centuries. We can improve the infrastructure Radio That is not why we are here. You will wear yourself up. You think I’ll slide you up. Province The governors arrive. I need to entertain their wives. I am very grateful for everything you do. Is something wrong, frøken Hudson? I wish they came so close. Maybe your skills be more useful in Surrey. Excuse me? Please pack up and go home. Do you have papers? I need them for the next meeting. Miss Noor. I have a message for you from home. Here you go. I had to talk to you. How’s your dad? Nothing has changed. You are still unmarried. I’m still promised away. I’ve tried to forget you. Then you must try harder. The violence escalated for every day. The hatred between Hindus, Sikhs and Muslims poisons everything, we have created. In Bengal compounded the violence of the famine as people think, we do nothing to remedy. The sooner we can transfer power, the better. But what government? The Indian leaders can not agree. If Muslims do not get Pakistan, there will be civil war in my province. In Punjab will Hindus do not find themselves in a Pakistan, they did not vote for. Gentlemen, savior has come. He walks among us. Off the record, Pug. Is Dickie Mountbatten the right for the job? He has an incredible ability to get along well with people. But Indians are slippery as eels. Indians believe that no matter how India’s future looks then it’s their idea. Believe me, if anyone can get them to agree, it’s Dickie. He could charm a vulture away from a cadaver. Nothing can stop the violence now, Pug. It is already too late. If Mountbatten think he can do it with charm, he is a fool. Thank you for your candor. I know how serious the situation is. The leaders and maharajaerne fear what the transfer of power will result. We are busy. I want to hear from you all. The conflict between Muslims and Hindus has cost , lives. The new viceroy arrives at death and destruction. It would be a disgrace and an eternal stain on Britain’s reputation if we leave million primitive Indians to their fate. Do it nicely. I should cut it nicely. Everybody should have the same size. It is irregular. The staff will not understand it. They need to know who we are. Lady Mountbatten. Your Excellency. Our English chef left us quite unexpectedly with Lord Wavell. We await his successor from England. May I introduce our working chef, Ram Lal Chandra. He trained in the finest European cuisine and should be able to meet your demands. The new British chef can save themselves the trip. Sir. Chandra will do it excellent. The splendid dinner last night did Claridge’s to shame. The honor is also for my staff and my deputy Jinnah Abdul Malik. He makes an excellent baked lamb fillet and pudding with jam.

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